3-Minute Read: The Healthiest Options at McDonald's, Starbucks, and More

Updated 04/27/17

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Healthiest Options at Fast Food Restaurants

Are you really surprised that team Gwyneth is so well-versed in the art of making healthy decisions virtually anywhere—the home of Big Macs included? Goop just released the ultimate fast-food guide—our tip is to keep it bookmarked for your next road trip. In addition to great recommendations for healthy options—stick with brown rice, steamed veggies, and grilled mandarin chicken at Panda Express, for example—there are also a ton of tips and hacks for cutting back on sugar, fat, and other unsavory ingredients. Take Subway, for example: Instead of reaching for dressing packets (they're loaded with sugar and preservatives), stick with good old oil and vinegar.

That being said, it's not all salads and steamed veggies: The guide also includes the best indulgences as well. There's a whole section of trickier restaurant options that might be lean on healthy choices anyway, entitled "Just Order the Fries." Don't mind if we do.

Choose snacks that are packed with fiber and other nutrients that will fill you up fast, so that it might be a little less tempting to raid the office snack drawer.

Total Beauty has some great recs. (Spoiler: A granola bar is not going to cut it.)

Willpower aside, it's easy enough to toss your tweezers for months on end—the tricky part is embracing your status as a patchy version of Groucho Marx. That's why properly grooming your arches during this mid-growth period is crucial—and Pure Wow has some excellent pointers in that arena. Our favorite: Get bangs. (Genius.)

And she has the photos to prove it. Most remarkably, she just made some simple tweaks to her lifestyle like drinking more water and—ahem—getting more sleep. Head over to Lauren Conrad to get the details.

Green juice… gummy bears. Green juice gummy bears. Unsurprisingly, this actually started as an April Fool's Joke, but now Pressed Juicery and Sugarfina have officially launched emerald-hued gummies ($14) that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. We can't even be mad at it, though that might just be relief that this buzzy new launch has absolutely nothing to do with unicorns.

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