11 Dieting Tips That Show Results in a Week or Less



Don't get me wrong—I totally believe in the long-term power of a clean diet and plenty of exercise. I trust that when it takes a long time to see results, you're doing things properly. BUT a little instant gratification never hurt anyone. I am a New Yorker, after all—we like things fast and efficient.

As such, I wondered if there was anything I could incorporate into my routine to yield payoff within a few days, a week tops. It sounds like a miracle, but it must exist. Though I don't think any lasting results happen overnight, there are some simple tricks to help your body speed up the detox process and reduce bloating—which looks like weight loss and makes you feel better. 

To prove my point, I hit up a few nutrition experts for their best tips on how to speed things along. Luckily, they agreed that it is possible. Here are some (almost entirely natural) tricks to help whip yourself into shape in a pinch.