How Celebrity Makeup Artists Take Down Pimples in 60 Seconds

I can't tell you how many times I've woken up with an uninvited friend on my chin and yearned for the professional makeup-artist fairy to swoop down, wave her magic wand, and bestow upon me a professional solution to my surprise pimple. That scenario has yet to play out, and I'm not counting on it.

So whenever I'm in the presence of such knowledgeable professionals, I always make a point to press them for their tips and tricks. Unsurprisingly, I've heard the same one several times over (if you haven't guessed it, you'll find out below). Which is good—always have a standby. And then, every now and again, I'll hear some new tricks that work like magic. Whether the zit in question is red and swollen or dry and flaky, these experts know how to take it down in no time.

Scroll through for the fast pimple-clearing solutions celeb makeup artists swear by!