Braids Are All the Rage This Week

Braids usually scream summer—they’re the prettiest way to pull your hair off of your face on the hottest day—but they were the hairstyle of choice this week. It might be freezing in Paris, London, and Hamburg, but a slew of stars showed off a variety of styles. From a classic Heidi crown on Miroslava Duma to a Rapunzel-like rope on Rihanna, these are our favorites.

1. Luigi Murenu, working for John Frieda, wove two soft braids and connected them at the back of each model’s head at the Viktor & Rolf show.

2. Miroslava Duma topped off her floral Valentino coat with a traditional crown of braids at the brand’s F/W 13 show.

3. Melanie Laurent sported a slept-in look at Maxime Simoens F/W 13 show.

4. Rihanna sported a side braid starting at the top of her crown while leaving London following her design debut for River Island.

5. Olivia Palermo skipped out of Paris early to join her boyfriend in Hamburg, sporting a heavy, center-parted side braid.

6. At the Valentino show, Nicole Richie showed off a double crown starting from a deep side part.