Fashion Brands Supporting Ukraine and How You Can Do Your Part

One small purchase can go a long way.

fashion brands supporting ukraine


On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine with a series of missile attacks that are still happening to this day. Over 3 million people have fled Ukraine, splitting up families and leaving many homeless. Over 600 people have been killed and over 1,000 injured.

With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine the world has come together to show support physically and financially to help the current crisis. Some brands have donated, while others have halted deliveries all together. Now more than ever it's important to show support in any way that we can. There are many organizations accepting donations, and businesses sending 100% of their profits directly to the Ukrainian Army. Keep scrolling to find out who's helping and how you can contribute.

Brands Donating Their Profits to Ukraine

Child of Wild

All of the proceeds, as well as the manufacturer's, for Child of Wild's Pray For Ukraine necklace will be donated towards Ukrainian relief.

Pray For Ukraine Necklace
Child of Wild Pray For Ukraine Necklace $38.00

Gunia Project

Inspired by Ukrainian heritage, the Gunia Project is currently selling their blue and yellow bird candles and donating all proceeds to the Ukrainian army, and animal shelters in need.

Gunia Project
Gunia Project Soy Candle $30.00

Minimalist NYC

Minimalist NYC is donating 30% of their proceeds to the Red Cross and UNICEF in Ukraine.

Minimalist NYC
Minimalist NYC Gina Vegan Silk Tie-Neck Blouse $595.00

Social Goods

100% of proceeds from the Human First Collection will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency, which is providing emergency aid to families in Ukraine.

Social Goods
Social Goods Human First T-shirt for Ukraine $40.00


Supercrush has created a new collection on their site and 50% of the proceeds are going towards supporting Ukraine.

Super Crush
Supercrush Mercury Velvet $17.00


Misho has created a special edition "Stand with Ukraine" collection, consisting of three pieces. 100% of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to humanitarian organizations and charities supporting the families affected by the war in Ukraine.

Misho #StandWithUkraine Love Ring $85.00


DressX has created a Support Ukraine Collection, with 100% of proceeds being donated to the ministry of Defense of Ukraine and 3D fashion designers who have lost their homes and jobs.

DressX Fashion for Peace Sweatshirt $100.00

Made By Mary

Made By Mary created a necklace with a hand-drawn stamp of Ukraine, with a heart inside. 100% of the proceeds from this necklace will be donated during the month of March to the International Rescue Committee.

Made by Mary
Made by Mary For Ukraine Disc Necklace $58.00


Proceeds from Ukranian brand Chereshnivska's limited U.K. stock are being used to supply food and other essentials to their employees in Lviv, Ukraine.

Chereshnivska One-Off Upcycle Vest $210.00

The After White

The After White is donating 10% of sales from the month of March to relief effots.

Daphne Newman
Daphne Newman Design Cloé Silk Cotton Short Bridal Rob $295.00


Ukrainian-founded brand Cultnaked initially halted production, but has since resumed with profits going to its Ukrainian employees as well as humanitarian and army support.

Moon Top
Cultnaked Moon Top $210.00

Yuliya Magdych

Ukrainian brand Yuliya Magdych has limited stock available and will continue to donate profits to the Ukrainian army.

cherry dress
Yuliya Magdych Cherry Dress $880.00


Edify is donating all proceeds from Back Beat Co.'s Wave Sweater to UNICEF to help support children and families in Ukraine.

Organic Cotton Wave Sweater
Back Beat Co. Organic Cotton Wave Sweater $90.00

Ukrainian Brands That Have Halted Production

  • Bevza and Litkovskaya are halting deliveries and have donation buttons on their sites to donate to the Ukrainian army.

Brands That Have Donated to Ukraine

  • Some of the world's largest leading luxury brands have officially announced that they have stopped all deliveries to Russia (Acne Studios, Canada Goose), while others have closed stores in Russia entirely (Hermès, Chanel) for the time being.
  • Chanel donated over 2 million dollars to CARE and The UN Refugee Agency.
  • Gucci donated $500,000 to The UN Refugee Agency.
  • Valentino donated over $500,000 to the U.N. Refugee Agency.
  • Burberry is matching all employee donations to charities supporting Ukraine. They also donated an undisclosed amount to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis.
  • Balenciaga donated an undisclosed amount to the World Food Programme.
  • Louis Vuitton made a donation of over 1 million dollars to UNICEF.
  • LVMH donated over 5 million dollars to the International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Nanushka is continuously donating support and funds to the citizens of Ukraine. Sharing a border with Hungary, they have also partnered with the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta to provide food, and clothing to those seeking shelter as they flee Ukraine.
  • Fast Fashion brands Boohoo and ASOS have stopped all sales in Russia, while H&M closed 170 stores located throughout the country.
  • Adidas has suspended its partnership with the Russian Football Union, while Nike announced that their app will be unavailable in Russia for purchases.
  • Puma is offering financial support and housing options to its employees in Ukraine.
  • Supermodel Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to tell her 72 million followers that she will be donating her earnings from the fall 2022 fashion shows to "aid those suffering from the war in Ukraine, as well as continuing to support those experiencing the same in Palestine." She was inspired by friend and fellow model Mica Arganaraz. Bella Hadid followed in her sister's footsteps and announced on Instagram that she too, will be donating her fashion week earnings.

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