13 Brands That Will Buy Back Your Used Clothes

Over it? Give it back.

Ingrid Andress wearing a denim Levi's outfit and pink sunglasses


We all know it's not enough for a brand to simply claim to be sustainable. And in 2022, material made from recycled water bottles isn't going to cut it, either. Shopping secondhand is an easy, proven way to consume less when it comes to integrating new styles into your wardrobe. And brands have caught on—from household names to indie darlings—there's lots to love in the pre-owned space. The best part about brand-sponsored secondhand shopping? You can stick to the labels you know and love without having to comb through an online marketplace or your local thrift shop. Some brands have even taken it to the next level, offering to buy back your previously loved items. Read on for 13 brands who've caught on to the magic of giving clothing a second life.

Levi's Secondhand

Model wearing upcycled Levi's jeans


It's no secret. Levi's has always made the best denim. Whether you're a Wedgie loyalist or prefer to keep it classic in a 501, there's a jean for almost everyone here. The brand's buy back program, Levi's Secondhand, allows trade-ins of up to five items at any Levi's store or in the mail. Once evaluated, you'll receive a Levi's gift card to spend on your next pair of denim. Buyback prices range from $5-$35. The secondhand marketplace is easy to shop on Levi's site.


Bag of recycled items on rocks


Reformation has been recycling and reusing clothes since 2015. By sending in unwanted Reformation clothing to its RefRecycling program, you'll receive credit to shop for something new on the site. Items that aren't accepted can be easily donated to thredUP. "The U.S. alone throws away over 16 million tons of textiles a year, a lot of which sits in landfills for pretty much ever," the site outlines. Turns out, there's more to the beloved label than pretty dresses and summer staples.

& Other Stories

Woman holding & Other Stories recycling bag

& Other Stories

Bring textiles from any brand into & Other Stories locations for a 10% off voucher valid for one in-store purchase. Textiles are given another life as decided by the brand's recycling partner. They're reworn, reused, or recycled.

Clothes The Loop by The North Face

Model wearing a recycled North Face coat

The North Face

The whole endeavour of North Face's Clothes The Loop program is to keep clothes out of landfills. The program encourages shoppers to drop off unwanted clothes and footwear at The North Face retail locations, including outlet stores. Recycling gently-used clothing earns you a $10 reward toward your next $100 or more purchase at The North Face.


Person pulling Outerworn button down out of brown box


"We want to keep our products out of the landfill and in circulation―forever," writes Outerworn. While it's a lofty goal, the brand's buy back program is a great start. The site makes it easy to shop pre-loved pieces, as well as sell your own worn pieces from the brand for credit. A real win-win.

Worn Wear by Patagonia

Woman holding a white dress

Worn Wear

Patagonia has been blazing the sustainability trail for decades. Their buy back program, Worn Wear, boasts one of the best policies. By trading in your preloved Patagonia goods, you'll earn credit to spend on the site's secondhand store, as well as on all new clothing.

Like New by Lululemon

Person walking with green quilted Lululemon bag


Brand loyalty can extend beyond shopping the latest styles from your favorite makers. Let's say you know you love an Align legging from Lululemon, but are looking for a more sustainable way to grow your collection. Try shopping the site's Like New section. You can even trade in your worn out gear for something new.

Eileen Fisher Renew

Woman wearing purple pants standing by a kitchen table

Eileen Fisher Renew

At Eileen Fisher, where "clothes are designed to last," there's always been a true intention set towards creating clothes that will stay out of landfills. The Eileen Fisher Renew program is just one arm of the brand's sustainability efforts. Old Eileen Fisher clothes can be traded in for credit to spend on future purchases from the brand.

Re/Supply by REI

Two women on a hike at sunset


Looking to embrace your camping side this summer? Gear up with REI's Re/Supply program. Here, you can shop or trade used clothing made to last and built for the outdoors. Categories include men's, women's, kid's, and gear.

Timberloop by Timberland

Woman posing outside wearing Timberlands


Timberland is embracing sustainability by integrating a circular fashion into their iconic footwear with Timberloop. "We take back and refurbish worn Timberland items for resale," the brand says. "Or if beyond repair, we take them apart, re-use what we can and recycle the rest to prevent them being tossed in a landfill."

Madewell Forever

Jeans with a Madewell Forever card


Partnering with the secondhand giant thredUP, Madewell has created a well-stocked secondhand shop on their website. Fans of the brand can earn shopping credits for the site by sending in their old Madewell clothing through a free shipping program, also sponsored by thredUP.

Revive by Cuyana

Woman carrying Cuyana bag


Cuyana's mantra of "fewer, better things" has rung true since the brand's inception. With Revive by Cuyana, simple leather goods and clothing in timeless silhouettes make for trend-proof investments. On the site, you can sell back Cuyana goods for 70% of the profit in cash or 100% of the profit in Cuyana credit.

Preloved by PacSun

Two models wearing PacSun


Looking to build out your summer wardrobe for upcoming warm weather adventures, but don't want to shop fast fashion? Consider another threadUP partnership, this time with the cheery surf-inspired brand, PacSun. With Preloved by PacSun, trading in your old PacSun clothing will earn you credit, and what can't be resold will be donated.

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