Farah Pink on Her Roots, Self-Acceptance, Happiness, and Haircare

The founder spills her must-have curl products and more.

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Farah Vargas

Farah Pink is the 33-year-old founder of Pinkness. A New Yorker at heart, Farah is now based in Miami. As a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content creator, she provides an open and honest look into her lifestyle by celebrating her Afro-Latina roots, sharing her latest product obsessions, and highlighting adorable moments with her daughter, Lilah, and her dog, Sunny. Her family is her world and she feels lucky to have a career that allows her to wake up every day and be close to them. 

Like many other entrepreneurs, her path to starting her own business was marked by challenges and pivots. Her beauty routine helps her feel grounded and centered, and provides structure in times of unpredictability. Keep reading to learn more about Farah’s journey, her tried-and-true products, and where she gets her iconic curls.

On How She Got Her Start.

“A few years ago, I decided I wanted to create a beauty oil to help fade acne scars and moisturize the face, but it wasn’t until I got laid off from my corporate job that I dared to go full force. That was the beginning of Pinkness. I’ve been working for others since the age of 16 and I honestly loved the (false sense of) security of knowing when pay day was, so being laid off and having to figure things out on my own for the first time was pretty nerve-wracking, but I’m so glad I believed in my dreams and vision and went for it.”

On What Defines Her.

“Aside from being a business owner, I became a mom five months ago. So, my days usually start at 6 a.m., and it’s nonstop work and mommy duties until bedtime. Now, more than ever, having consistent beauty rituals is key to helping me feel and look my best so I can tackle whatever the day throws at me. My weekly beauty rituals usually start with my haircare routine.

I have long and thick curly hair so I prefer to wash, condition, and style it once a week with the Herbal Essences Mango + Potent Aloe collection. I start with the Sulfate-Free Shampoo. It does a great job at cleansing my hair and defining my curls. Then I use the Conditioner, which makes my hair feel moisturized (plus it saves me so much time during the detangling process). The real clincher here though is the Curl Cream.  It’s my not-so-secret weapon for really defining my curls, boosting shine, and taming frizz."

Farah Pink

"I’m Dominican and because of our mixed ancestry, our hair comes in a variety of textures. All of which are beautiful, but I remember growing up my mom and aunts going to the salon regularly to treat & straighten their hair. Of course, I followed in those steps and it wasn’t until my mid-20s that I started embracing my natural, curly hair. There’s a stigma of “good hair” (pelo bueno) versus “bad hair” (pelo malo) in the Latin community. I’ve grown to know there really is no such thing. It took a lot of unlearning and acceptance for me to get to this place with my hair, but I’m so happy to be here now—and I’m even happier to be using a brand with real, plant ingredients that’s gentle and safe to continue on my curl journey."

On Finding Inspiration.

“In the early days of Instagram being a “content creator” was not really anyone’s title. I would simply share things I loved like the latest products, my outfits, what shows I’m watching or what I was making for dinner and people became interested in the bits I shared on a daily basis. That’s when my online community began to grow. To this day, I genuinely love sharing all of my favorite things or not-so-great days with my online besties. I know whatever I’m going through there will always be someone out there that can relate, so that is what inspires me to continue sharing on social media. Sharing my favorite products, routines, and more are just the small ways I can share the love with my community, with the hope they can take what I’ve learned and use it to fuel their own confidence and hustle. 

As a part of being a content creator, I’m lucky to receive beauty products to test and review so I have tried almost every face oil and moisturizer, which ultimately inspired me to create my own, and got me really curious about what makes a product not only effective but also a joyful part of my routine. I want people to have effective products they look forward to using every day to make them feel and look their best, so I did a lot of research to get the recipe for my Pinkness Beauty Oil just right. I’m very big on being a trusted source for my online community, so I work hard to offer products I can stand by, from the products I use and share, to the skincare I created, and beyond.”

On The Future. 

“I hope to continue to be someone people can rely on to provide thoughtful and honest opinions on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. For Pinkness, it’s been a very long and rewarding journey, but I know there’s so much more I want to create and build for my community. As for my hair, I’m excited to continue on my journey in embracing my curls and paving the way for my daughter and my online community to do the same.”

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