It's Official: This Is the Most Expensive Manicure in History



Kelly Osbourne wearing the $1 million polish at the Black Diamond Affair Presented by Azature. 

There are a lot of things we’d do with a million dollars. We’d rent out a penthouse in TriBeCa. We’d take the entire summer off and travel all of Asia. We’d blow it all on clothes and bags to revamp our wardrobe. But a manicure? We didn’t know it was possible to spend it all on something as simple as getting your nails done. But we do now.

The most expensive manicure to date comes in at $1 million. L.A.-based jeweler Azature created a polish infused with 98 carats of white diamond for charity in 2013. Both Kelly Osbourne and Toni Braxton wore the polish at the Black Diamond Affair Presented by Azature, where the polish was auctioned off.

It is absolutely exquisite, and we bet we couldn’t help but feel like queens if we were ever lucky enough to try it. For now, we’ll live vicariously through the mega-rich and their lavish beauty routines—at least it makes for some serious Instagram eye candy. See below for other expensive manicures that we can only afford in our wildest dreams.