Spotted: The New False Lash Brand Celebrities Are Loving

Updated 09/23/16

One of the reasons we love following the beauty choices of our favorite celebrities is that they are often the first to try out beauty breakthroughs that can totally flip the script on how we get ready for a big night out, like, say, New Years Eve. Enter Artémes Lashes, the new luxury lash line made of, wait for it, mink! While made of fur, the brand promises their product looks natural, and they even back it with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. While we haven't tried them yet ourselves, we imagine they must be onto something because A-listers ranging from Sarah Hyland to Rita Ora have been wearing them all season.

Which makes us wonder, what makes these falsies so much better than the competition? Perhaps it's the product range, with 18 styles in their offering, the brand caters to every specific lash wish you can imagine. The brand, who admits they are sticklers for quality, doesn't exactly cost a fortune to maintain that promise. While each pair is custom made by a team of skilled artisans and has a life of up to 25 wears, the cost per wear is less than $2. Yep, even for the brand's most expensive design.

Keep scrolling to see which Artémes Lash styles Hollywood loves most.


Tove Lo

Shop Tove Lo's Favorite Lashes:

Love Addict $45

"Love Addict" uses a layering technique to create a wispy look and curls the lashes upward to open the eye.


Rita Ora


Sarah Hyland

Shop Rita and Sarah's Favorite Lashes:

Mistaken Identity $45

The criss-cross design of "Mistaken Identity" focuses on thickness and volume. 


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