19 Fall Wedding Hairstyles Celebrity Stylists Think Are Timeless

Everyone cares about the wedding outfit. It’s arguably the star of the show on your special day, and that probably won’t ever change. But after you’ve said yes to a dress, suit, jumpsuit, skirt over pants, or what have you, the next question is always How are you going to wear your hair? Over at Byrdie HQ, that’s what piques our interest. We definitely fawn over the final bridal looks (outfit included), but we l-i-v-e for the glamorous hair and makeup moments.

Your hair and outfit are equally important. There, we said it. The exciting part about bridal hair is that there are essentially no rules. Of course, there are classic updos that you can wear in elaborate ways—with braids, twists, pins, the list goes on. Those hairstyles will never go out of bridal style. But effortless, undone waves that you can dress up with stunning adornments and bold shorter cuts are also welcome.

What better time than now to hit up our favorite celebrity hairstylists to see what looks they’re predicting will skyrocket this wedding season? Spoiler: Some of their choices will pleasantly surprise you. Feast your eyes on this ultimate celebrity hairstylist–approved wedding guide. Scroll on for fall wedding hairstyles that are actually timeless.