19 Fall Wedding Hairstyles Celebrity Stylists Think Are Timeless

Updated 08/27/19
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Everyone cares about the wedding outfit. It’s arguably the star of the show on your special day, and that probably won’t ever change. But after you’ve said yes to a dress, suit, jumpsuit, skirt over pants, or what have you, the next question is always How are you going to wear your hair? Over at Byrdie HQ, that’s what piques our interest. We definitely fawn over the final bridal looks (outfit included), but we l-i-v-e for the glamorous hair and makeup moments.

Your hair and outfit are equally important. There, we said it. The exciting part about bridal hair is that there are essentially no rules. Of course, there are classic updos that you can wear in elaborate ways—with braids, twists, pins, the list goes on. Those hairstyles will never go out of bridal style. But effortless, undone waves that you can dress up with stunning adornments and bold shorter cuts are also welcome.

What better time than now to hit up our favorite celebrity hairstylists to see what looks they’re predicting will skyrocket this wedding season? Spoiler: Some of their choices will pleasantly surprise you. Feast your eyes on this ultimate celebrity hairstylist–approved wedding guide. Scroll on for fall wedding hairstyles that are actually timeless.

Soft Retro-Waves

Fall Wedding Hairstyles

“I am seeing a cross between softly swept off the face and up off the neck, or down with very full, deep lived-in waves,” says Nick Stenson, Matrix’s artistic director. “For short hair, I’m seeing an iteration between a sleek slicked-back look with an adorned hair accessory or a vintage flapper look with an almost wet-look finger-wave style. For long hair, I’m in love with hair down and loose with a strong curl pattern. I love when a bride wears a strapless dress and she shows off her long hair. I also love when the hair is down with one side pulled back with an adorned accessory in the hair on one side. This works especially well on brides who don’t want to wear a veil.”

Classic, Tousled Styles

Fall Wedding Hair

“Popular styles are heading toward a tousled and effortless kind of vibe,” says Alysa Pace of Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills. “Styles such as braids, classic curls, and half-up, half-down looks are always great for the big day.”

Side-Swept Plaits

Fall Wedding Bridal Hair

“Braids are another great look that can accent almost any dress. You can dress them up or down and make them effortlessly elegant. Stylists have been noticing that the majority of the most fashion-forward looks of the season incorporate a beautiful braid,” says Pace.

Practically Perfect Finger Waves

Fall Wedding Bridal Hairstyles
Alysa Pace

“My personal favorite go-to look for short-haired brides is Hollywood glam. Sort of like an up-to-date finger wave but gentler. Give it that timeless look by excluding gel and pins,” says Pace.

Mermaid-Length Ponytails

Wedding Hairstyles Gallery
Alysa Pace

“My favorite long-haired look is a classic ponytail without the class. This look has to be loose with lots of texture yet still look polished. This is one of the best looks for fall because it’s sexy, versatile, and can handle the unpredictable weather. Another bonus is that this look can easily be transformed into an updo,” Pace says.

Organic Textures

Fall Wedding Hairstyles

“For wedding styles this fall, I see hair being looser and soft, touchable waves with more organic texture. If put up, I see low and full-size side buns,” says Paul Norton, Joico’s celebrity artist who used Joico Hair Shake Liquid-To-Powder Texturizer ($19) to add texture and volume to this look.

Slick-Back with Volume

Wedding Hair Inspiration

“For short hair, I love the hair slicked back on one side with free, fun volume and texture on the other side,” Norton says. He applied Joico Flip Turn Volumizing Finishing Spray ($17) to achieve this beautiful, head-turning volume.

Soft Textures

Wedding Hairstyles
Lauren Conrad 

“This fall, I’m predicting very simple and clean. I saw a lot of textures on the runway during bridal fashion week," says hairstylist Gina Kleinschmidt. "My favorite wedding look for short hair is down with a soft, natural wave. If your dress is minimal, try tucking one side behind your ear or adding a hairpiece.”

Romantic Curls

Wedding Hair Roudnup

“For fall, I’m predicting loose, tousled waves that are effortless yet still romantic for the bride who’s all about no fuss and no stress,” says celebrity stylist Gracie Odoms.

Curls and Sparkles

Bridal Hair Inspiration

“For the bride who has dreamed and fantasized about her wedding day for as long as she can remember, I predict she opts for the perfect and most elegant updo, with texture and an understated yet sparkly hair accessory,” says Odoms. “Or they might even keep their hair clean and smooth, pulled to the back in a perfect pony. For the modern-day fashionista bride, it’s not really about the hair; it’s about the entire look. I’m expecting to see them topping off their looks with a major hat, veil, or headband situation.”

Royal Headbands

Short Wedding Hairstyles

“A deep side part, slicked and sleek with a little finger wave framing the face. This look represents a strong, structured, and sexy look. Or even a fun, textured pixie cut. You can go all out by adding a little band or bobby pin adornment,” says Odoms.

Mermaid Waves

Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair

“I love cascading mermaid waves. It gets no better than that,” says Odoms.

Old Hollywood Spirals

Timeless Wedding Hairstyles

“I’m predicting the Old Hollywood [style] as seen on Amanda Seyfried. It’s a classic look I see time and time again for weddings. Brides also love the ‘party pony,’ as I like to call it, because it’s elegant and not fussy, especially when tearing it up on the dance floor at your reception,” says hairstylist Scott King.

Wispy Pixies

Trendy Wedding Hair

“I love textured updos. I think it looks cute, sexy, and chic. If you include random braids, it really elevates the style,” says King. “If your hair is more of a pixie, I love fresh blowouts with lots of texture, like Michelle Williams’s.”

Undone Waves

Trendy Wedding Hairstyles

“My personal favorite hairstyle for long hair is easy breezy waves—undone and not trying too hard,” says King. “Maybe pull a few pieces back so it looks like a half-up style, and dress the look up with hair accessories.”

Modern Messy Buns

Wedding Hairstyles for Fall

“Romantic hair with a loose, soft bend is always a go-to wedding day look for the effortless fall bride,” says stylist Tobi Henney. “Low, textured buns are always a timeless go-to style.”

Brushed-Out Ringlets

Fall Wedding Hairstyles Gallery

“I’m also expecting classic full sets of curls that are brushed out and styled for the glamorous bride,” says Henney.

Offset Parts

Autumn Wedding Hair

“I love seeing short hair with lots of volume, texture, and a middle or side part. More conservative looks can be worn sleek with a shiny finish,” says Henney.

Bottom-Heavy Waves

Autumn Wedding Hairstyles

“I love leaving it down with a middle part. You can keep texture and body in the root. Using a GHD Classic Wave-Wand ($199) creates a lived-in bend in the hair. It holds throughout the day and night while looking relaxed and whimsical at the same time,” says Henney.

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