16 Fall Pedicure Colors for When It's Still Warm Enough to Wear Sandals

Fall pedicure colors


The beginning of fall might mean the end of summer, but that doesn't guarantee it's the end of showing off perfectly painted toenails. If you find that it's still warm enough out to keep your favorite sandals nearby, your nails will still need some love (thanks, global warming). But, instead of rocking summer's hot shades, take a note from our book on fall pedicure colors.

Ahead you'll find 16 autumnal hues worth picking for your next pedicure. (You might even decide that you want to extend the shade range to your fingernails!) Keep scrolling to see our faves for the season.

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Burnt Orange

Bottle of burnt orange nail polish on a white background.
côte No. 51 $18

You can never go wrong with smoldering orange in autumn. The color speaks to all things changing leaves, pumpkin picking, and even apple cider. What's not to love about that?

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Ruby Red

Round bottle of bright red nail polish on a white background.
Emilie Heathe Nail Artist in The Perfect Red $28

Red is one of those classic colors that works all year-round. The trick is to find a shade of the bold color that has cool blue undertones to match the drop in temperature as we head into autumn.

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Cocoa Brown

Cocoa brown nail polish on a white background.
Tenoverten Nail Color in Beekman $18

Crisp leaves and hot cocoa by the fire: that's what comes to mind when seeing this color. Paint it on your toes for a warm look that pairs well with all the endearing facets of fall.

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Metallic Mauve

Bottle of metallic rose gold nail polish on a white background.
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color in Mauve It $4

We stand firm in the belief that you can never, ever go wrong with metallic. While silver is great for winter and gold is a traditionally summer hue, rose gold is the prettiest shade for fall. It has hints of summer's warmth while alluding to autumn's cool arrival. While the color alone is something to marvel at, the fact that this nail polish dries in seconds is even more alluring.

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Autumn Bronze

Bottle of metallic rose gold nail polish on a white background.
ella + mila Elite Collection in Champagne Pop $11

Another metallic idea for fall? Bronze, of course. Again, it hints to summer's warm gold, while getting darker in prep for autumn's moody hues. Wear it alone all over your nails or paired with light, non-metallic shades for a fun pedi with lots of depth.

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Beautiful Berry

Bottle of berry nail polish on a white background with a black lid.
Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Color in Spill the Wine $20

Berry is another autumn shade that never goes out of style. It brings to mind cool trips to the vineyard, hefty glasses of mulled wine, and lest we forget, cranberry season. In other words, when you paint this on your toes, they're sure to bring to mind all your favorite fall festivities.

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Pretty Plum

Bottle of plum nail polish on a white background with a gold lid.
Smith & Cult Color Nail Polish in Analog Fog $18

Another fruity hue that calls autumn home is none other than plum. This pretty purple shade has red and blue undertones, making for a deep option for your next pedi.

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Edgy Eggplant

Bottle of dark purple nail polish on a white background.
Morgan Taylor Forever Marilyn Nail Lacquer in A Girl And Her Curls $10

Even farther on the dark and moody autumn nail spectrum, we have this rich eggplant hue. The decadent shade is sure to pop against all skin tones, so make sure you're ready for your feet to be a focal point.

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Seductive Spice

Bottle of spicy brown nail polish on a white background.
ZOYA Nail Polish in Foster $10

Not quite burgundy and not quite brown, this spicy nail color speaks to chai tea lattes, cinnamon, and just about every other delicious autumn bev you can think of. While it looks great on its own, it's also lovely paired with pale pink hues.

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Understated Olive

Bottle of khaki olive green nail polish on a white background.
butter London Paten Shine 10X Nail Lacquer in British Khaki $18

As the weather starts to change and the temperatures start to dip, you'll notice summer's bright green leaves taking on a more olive hue before turning red, yellow, and brown. If you love the look, let your toes follow suit with this dusty olive shade.

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No Fuss Nude

La Pierre Someone Leaked My Nudes
LaPierre Cosmetics Someone Leaked My Nudes $15

Nude polishes are a year-round classic. The timeless shade is perfect for getting into the fall spirit without stressing about matching your pedicure to your shifting summer to fall looks.

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Flaming Pumpkin

Bright orange nail polish on a white background.
Nails Inc. NAILPURE Vegan '10-Free' Nail Polish in Womanger $15

While the majority of autumn nail shades are berries and browns, you should never shy away from fiery colors of the season. This bold orange hue pumps up the pumpkin vibes while still paying homage to the magic of summer.

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Sea Foam

Bottle of greenish blue nail polish on a white background.
Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Verde Pastello $28

As you may have seen, blue nail polish is on the rise. So if you're craving a cool blue hue to match the season, look no further than this greenish sea foam shade. The pale color makes a statement on its own, though it's also fun to layer with pops of burgundy and berry.

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Light Grey

Rooted Woman Grateful
Rooted Woman Grateful $15

It can be hard to break away from your favorite summer white nail polish when fall rolls around, but opting for a light grey can ease the transition. The muted color is chic and fall-esque without being too dramatic.

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Jet Black

Pear Nova Absorb
Pear Nova Absorb $14

What says fall more than a sleek black pedicure? It gives off all the magic that is Halloween while still staying stylish. Plus, you can pair it with a bold black mani for an even edgier look.

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Pale Pink

Bottle of dusty pale pink nail polish on a white background.
Paintbox Nail Lacquer in Like Mystery $22

Last but not least, we're here to remind you that pastels aren't only for spring. You can rock light pink shades in autumn too, so long as you opt for a slightly dustier take on the pale spectrum.

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