Fall Nail Trends: From Macchiato Manis to Retro Prints

Straight from celebrity nail artists.



Believe it or not, fall is officially here. Even if the leaves aren’t tinted an orange hue and the temperature hasn't dropped quite yet, you can still take advantage of the season by diving into autumn's best beauty trends. First up on our list? Trying all of the next-level nail looks that are already trending for the season. From vampy shades to retro designs, we've spotted a ton of fall-friendly ideas we can't wait to get our hands on—no pun intended.

To get you ready for your next nail appointment, we've rounded up some of our favorite looks and even tapped a few pros to get their takes on which trends are about to take off. Ahead, celebrity nail artists Jessica Tong-Ahn and Gina Edwards share some of the best nail inspiration for the season.

Macchiatto Manis

Take a cue from your favorite fall drink with a mix of warm brown tones in patterns and swirls that look just as good on your nails as they do in a mug. The Macchiato-inspired mani trend is not only stunning, but it's also seasonally appropriate. After all, what says "fall" more than a pumpkin spiced latte?

These caramel-colored swirls on a French manicure are an easy way to upgrade the classic.

We love how each nail sports a different pattern, but the macchiato color theme ties the mani together.

Multiple tones of brown add depth for a chic look when you're combining a few different patterns.

Aura Nails

Match your mani to your aura with this new trend we’ve spotted all over Instagram. Featuring bright circles and an otherworldly glow, aura nail designs are the ethereal gradient trend you’ll definitely want to try for fall.

While fall is usually all about neutrals, this trend proves that bright colors still work post-summer.

Feel free to combine trends like @nailedbytav, who added a wet look to sheer jelly shades. 

Go for super-soft, barely-there gradients like this set from Annie of @tengoku_nails, inspired by @theset.bykj.

Vintage-Inspired Shades

"I'm definitely seeing a lot of the rich colors of the '70s like magenta, primary yellow, jade green, peach, and every shade of nude," says Tong-Ahn. Some of her favorite shades to get in on the trend are the bright yellow Color Me Curious ($18), rich green Darjeeling Darling ($18), and pale pink Ghost Edit ($18) from Smith & Cult. If press-ons are more your style, Edwards recommends the KISS Gel Fantasy Ready-to-Wear Gel Nails ($8).

Beat gloomy and gray days with Tong-Ahn's favorite primary yellow shade.

We love this extra luxurious jade green mani look.

This magenta mani feels both vintage and fresh.

Blue Gray Tones

Another color trend on Edward's radar is blue-gray tones. This autumnal shade is perfect to "transition from fall to winter, and can anchor a wardrobe look effortlessly," she tells us.

Add a bit of edge to the trend with abstract swirls and shapes.

Or keep it short and sweet. The shade is perfect for monochrome moments with your fall sweaters.

Pair the classic shade with a short squoval shape for a modern fall look.

Retro Prints

We're not surprised that the nostalgia for the '90s and Y2K trends has made its way to nails. For retro manis, we're seeing bright colors and bold prints that are straight out of our childhoods.

These "cyber dots" draw inspiration from mid-'90s prints by Jean Paul Gaultier and retro-inspired clothing brand Sinead Gorey.

The trend also looks just as good on short nails.

Megan Thee Stallion's manicures never miss. This Powerpuff Girls-inspired pattern on her signature lipstick shape sparked a major mani trend.

Abstract French Mani

When it comes to the number of ways you can mix up your French manicures, the limit does not exist. Mixing in different shapes, swirls, and colors for an abstract French mani is an easy way to upgrade your usual.

There are simply no rules with the abstract trend. Replace the white tips with fall tones, and play with shapes and negative space like nail artist Na Ho did here.

Black swirls over unconventionally shaped white tips keep this mani minimal but cool.

Or add a few pops of color in an expert-approved shade.

Glossy and Matte

Another subtle fall take on the French mani involves combining matte and glossy textures. Grab your favorite matte polish, then add a quick strip of a matching shiny polish at the tip. It's that easy to get the look.

Just a little bit of high shine lacquer in a half-moon shape takes this mani from simple to chic. 

Embrace the fall tones with this mocha matte and glossy mani. 

A French tip adds an unexpected touch to this witchy manicure.  

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