One of Fall's Biggest Makeup Trends Involves Black Lipstick



During a recent meeting with Make Up For Ever, I was given a set of the brand's new Artist Rouge lipstick collection, which consists of 45 highly pigmented shades for every occasion. But among this beautiful sea of lippies are two that you'd think would sit in the bottom of the box forever—white and black. Ooh, these would be good for Halloween, I thought to myself, never imagining white or black lipstick touching my lips unless I was dressing as a '70s go-go dancer or punk rocker, respectively. But a rep for the brand explained that the shades are actually transformative lipsticks—they can be placed on top to lighten or darken a shade. Interesting.

Then Lipstick Queen echoed this layered black lipstick ideation with its Smokey Lip Kit ($35). Included is Black Lace Rabbit, a sheer black lipstick with gold shimmering flecks that inflict an overcast over any lip color so that it's deeper, darker, and a bit more mysterious.

We asked celebrity makeup artists Daniel Martin and Katherine Dorn to weigh in on this trend and tell us how best to rock it. See their answers below.