The 20 Most Flattering Lipsticks for Fall

Updating your fall makeup bag is something all beauty aficionados look forward to—there's something about a creamy new lipstick in a darker shade (one that won't melt off in the summer heat, mind you) that makes us feel giddy. Like sliding on a soft sweater, fall-inspired lipsticks warm us up and send our hearts a-flutter. FYI: It's about to be cuffing season, so you'll need a shade to make you feel especially sultry.

When this time of year comes around, we're ready to take in all the velvety new shades, moisturizing formulas, and pretty packaging. But to be fair, makeup very rarely has a "one size fits all" result—our complexions and beauty needs are all quite different. To help pare things down, we've done some research and found the 20 most flattering shades that will make all your fall-time dreams come true, from purples to neutrals to browns and the OG classic true reds. We've officially got you covered.

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