The 11 Best Fall Handbag Shapes to Show Off All Season Long

These trends can elevate any outfit.

fall handbag shapes


As we bid (a temporary) farewell to the straw bags and crochet satchels of summer, a new crop of accessories are entering the spotlight. Shifting into autumn is the perfect time of year to invest in a new handbag for a few reasons. First, that back-to-work mentality means you need something chic and polished to hold your belongings throughout the day. Also, as the weather becomes cooler, thicker fabrics and more autumnal color palettes feel right. And let’s not forget the joy that comes with investing in a forever staple like a new handbag.

If you’ve yet to find yours, we've been keeping track of the trends so you can grab the perfect bag for any occasion. From classic silhouettes like the bucket and tote to unexpected styles including asymmetric lines and ruching details, the assortment below is sure to get you excited for fall fashion. Keep reading for the 11 fall handbag shapes that will be everywhere this season.


A handbag with an asymmetrical design detail is the perfect way to add a hint of artistic flair to your look without feeling excessively bold.

Bucket Bag

There have been myriad iterations of the bucket bag silhouette over the years, and right now, this fall handbag shape feels decidedly chic.

Full Circle

This artistic silhouette is a playful take on the oval bags that have been so popular as of late. Wear it with everything from your work uniform to a date night look.


We love how a moon-shaped bag fits comfortably under your arm, but also looks equally as stylish carried by hand.


A horizontal-oriented oval fall handbag shape is slightly unexpected, but still feels classic enough to carry all the time. Pick one that goes with your favorite statement pieces, and get ready to turn heads at brunch.


Aside from the obvious perks of having room to carry all of your stuff, an oversized bag also feels particularly timely for this fall's trends.

Rectangular Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag crafted in a rectangular silhouette toes the line between trendy and timeless in the best way possible.

Ruched Shoulder Bag

If your style skews romantic, a fall handbag shape with ruching details should suit your tastes perfectly.


A petite, top-handle bag designed in a boxy silhouette is the perfect party accessory come fall.

Tote Bag

Does anything feel more polished and professional than a leather tote? We love these vertical-oriented versions for fall—imagine how put-together they could look with a suit or matching set.

The New Wristlet

For a fresh take on the wristlet, these double-top fall handbag shapes are a winning choice.

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