Move Over, Lob: The Swag Is the Next Big Hollywood Haircut

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Once upon a time not too long ago, the long bob cut (and its catchy portmanteau) skyrocketed to popularity, appearing on celebrities like Kerry Washington, Lily Collins, Nicole Richie, and countless others seemingly overnight. But before it was the hottest cut of the year, it was cropping up in Hollywood hair salons under the radar like a 2010 ombre.

Being the trend-scouting beauty editors that we are, we wanted to know the next big Hollywood haircut before it became mainstream. To that end, we spoke to uber-cool celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook, who has transformed the tresses of modern influencers like Lana Del Rey, Chrissy Teigen and Dianna Agron, and got the scoop on the next iteration of the lob: otherwise known as the swag!

 Keep reading to find out what it means, and exactly how to style it based on your hair type!


Tell us about the lob’s new match, and break down the look:

Brook: “All those lobs and long mermaid waves are going to get a good shag! I'm calling it the “swag" (a swingy shag)—long layers and peek-a-boo bangs designed at different lengths depending on your face shape. The key is lots of razored texture and movement in the hair. Think Patti Smith or Freja Beha Erichsen,” Brook says.

Even better? The lob can transition seamlessly to the swag. Brook explains, “it's a great transition from the lob as you feel like your hair got long and playful overnight with the weight transition in the cut. Also your blow dry time will be cut in half.”

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Have you started seeing clients ask for it already?

Brook: “My wavy or curly hair clients are asking for the mini swag (just curtain bangs with layers around the face) or the full swag, layers all over along with a curtain bang.

It's cold outside, and everyone wants to try bangs. They soften the features (no more bronze-y faces in these freezing months!), and it’s a fun new style when you're not sweaty from the summer heat. Plus, your bangs will be a distant memory come summertime if you didn't quite fancy them." 

Keep reading for tips from Brook on how to personalize your swag style based on your hair type.

Fine Hair

Products: To give your hair the most body and movement, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to beef up your strands.

Apply Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray ($19) on semi-damp hair to increase the curl and texture in your hair. Use Dry Spun Finish ($29) by Bumble and Bumble to pump up your bangs. 

Tools: Use the Hairy Josh Blow dryer on the no-nano setting to give your hair more texture. Flick a piece or two out by wrapping random sections around a 1-inch curling iron. Once cool, shake that swag out and tousle with fingers!

Medium Wavy Hair

Products: To keep your hair from going frizzy but maintaining its natural wave, use Reverie Milk ($42) on damp hair.

Tools: Use the Paul Mitchell V1 dryer with the diffuser attachment on medium to dry your waves 90 percent and let the rest air dry for a live-in look!

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Thick or Curly Hair

Products: Create definition and separation in your textured cut using Brilliantine ($24) by Bumble and Bumble. 

Tools: Set blow dryer on low and dry fringe by using the tips of your fingers, brushing them back and forth across your forehead till dry. 

Let the rest of your hair air-dry if possible, and use the GHD straightener ($185) to smooth or shape any wild hairs you don't fancy. 

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