The Only Fall Fragrance Guide You'll Need This Year


Isabella Behravan

As fall breezes in, with comes a series of appropriate new scents: The musty August heat gives way to crispy leaves, the vague scent of firewood, and an ever-more-palpable bite to the air.

So as we break out our sweaters, leather jackets, and boots (finally, finally, finally), it only makes sense that we switch up our fragrance wardrobe as well—after all, the scents outside are changing, and ours might as well too. And with a recent boon of amazing new fragrances on the market, there's never been a better time to find a seasonal signature scent.

That being said, choosing the perfect scent is no easy task—especially when you're browsing online. Fortunately, Byrdie's editorial team happens to be a fragrance-obsessed bunch, and we're more than happy to do some sniff-testing on your behalf. Below, find our picks for the best fragrances to try this season—for every autumn mood.

Which fragrance will you be wearing this fall? Tell us in the comments below.