6 Beauty Trends Our Editors Are So Over Right Now


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Trends come and go—that we know. But, there's something about the advent of fall that makes us want to cleanse our makeup drawers and reboot for the new season. By the end of summer, I find myself completely over everything I was loving when it started. I think no matter how old we get, fall still feels like a new school year. Now, instead of buying fresh notebooks and pencil cases, we buy new mascara and lipsticks. 

So, as a way to tidy up my vanity (and my life), I asked my fellow Byrdie editors about the trends they're so over, as well as the ones they can't wait to try. Turns out, we all have a little cleansing to do. 

Keep reading for our thoughts on what to keep and what to toss ASAP.

What trends are you currently loving (and leaving)? Let us know in the comments below!