Project Fall Overhaul: 13 Rejuvenating Treatments and Rituals to Start Now


Original Illustration by Haobin Ye

We all view New Year's as a time to set new goals and intentions for our well-being, but why wait all the way until then? In many ways, the beginning of fall is a better time to overhaul your beauty and wellness routines. "As we shift from sunny beach days into the colder, crisper months ahead, this transitional period is the perfect time to restore and recharge your body and skin, après–summertime fun," says Juana Diez, a holistic skincare expert and clean beauty buyer at ShopGood.

Andrea S. Barone, a Reiki master and founder of Crystal Hills skincare, agrees: "It seems like the summer-to-fall period is the ideal time to adopt self-care habits, as we are not as busy rushing out the door with all our favorite summertime activities. Autumn allows us to pull our energy inward and think about the wellness rituals that we can incorporate into our daily lives to support our well-being as we prepare for the cold winter nights ahead." Not to mention less sunlight and drier weather physically change your skin and body's needs, requiring different habits and ingredients.

In the spirit of rejuvenating our beauty routines with the seasons, we asked a few trusted skin and health experts for the rituals and treatments they recommend for things like boosting cellular turnover, hydrating our skin and hair, and re-centering our bodies after an intense summer. They kindly offered options at multiple price points as well. We're calling it our Project Fall Overhaul. Keep scrolling for 13 fall beauty habits to cultivate now.