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Editors’ Picks: The Beauty Products We’ll Be Using All Autumn Long

As if the phrase hasn't been exhausted enough over the past several months, we're entering yet another season of unprecedented times. Suffice it to say, Autumn 2020 will look a lot different than seasons' past: remote working culture is still the norm for many, and masks are still a (very important) mandate. Though, despite not having the same fall-colored public stage we usually have to take trends and products for a spin, we're still headstrong on making the most of a weird situation and celebrating fall beauty in spite of the climate. After all, there's still summer damage we'd like to undo, energizing shades we're excited to swatch and swipe, and countless new launches that deserve face (and hair and body) time. Ahead, we're sharing the products we're expecting to take up residency on our vanities and inside our makeup bags well beyond the autumnal equinox.

Star Donaldson
Star Donaldson/Design by Cristina Cianci
Grace Elyse
Grace Eleyae Satin Lined Cap $24.00

"My Grace Eleyae Slap cap and I go *way* back. Every night for the past three years or so, I’ve relied on this cap to keep my hair hydrated, frizz-free, and bouncy for the best possible curls the following day. It fits snuggly around my temples but is loose at the back so that my whole fro can fit. No pulling, no breakage, just a safe place for my curls to rest at night."

One Size Beauty
One SIze Beauty Go Off Makeup Remover Wipes $15.00

"These makeup remover wipes really mean business. Not only are they physically larger than the average wipe, they’re extremely juicy. Made with coconut water and aloe leaf extract, these wipes never irritate my skin or leave me with a residue-y feeling after use. I can even vouch for these makeup wipes to take place of your nighttime routine. Bonus: No new breakouts in the morning!"

neuLash neuBROW Brow Enhancing Serum $100.00

"This product is amazing. My brows have been through a lot from microblading, to scarring, to over-plucking. I really never thought I would have thick and full-looking brows before trying neuBROW. During the first three months of quarantine, I took the opportunity to apply the serum morning and night—and wow, I’m so glad I did. Even the extremely sparse parts of my brows toward the front and tail end grew long and dark hairs."

Jaz Ortiz
Jaz Ortiz/Design by Cristina Cianci
Tower 28
Tower 28 ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss in Cashew $14.00

"Tower 28's new Milky Lip Jelly in Cashew is the perfect glossy nude that compliments my olive skin. You get the shine without any of the stickiness that high-shine glosses are known for."

BUTTERelixir Lip $32.00

"As much as I love fun lippies, I always need to layer a lip balm or Chapstick underneath. It's important to keep lips hydrated as the temperature cools down, and Butterelixir's Lip is perfect for that. It feels like a light layer of lotion on your lips."

CT Pillow Talk Mascara
Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara $29.00

"I'm such a mascara girl and I like a big 'baby doll' look, but a lot of big-lash mascara formulas leave lashes clumpy and eventually flake off. This one doesn't!"

Leah Wyar
Leah Wyar/Design by Cristina Cianci
Virtue dry shampoo
Virtue Refresh Dry Shampoo $32.00

"I'm currently having a weird hair situation: it's summer and my scalp feels dirtier, but I'm four months postpartum, so the dreaded post-baby hair shedding is real (and shampooing accelerates this, big time). This gentle, dry version, made with tapioca starch and kaolin keeps my scalp in check without a lot of gritty residue."

Bite Agave Lip Balm
Bite Agave+ Intensive Vegan Lip Mask in Buzzed $26.00

"I'm blaming my dry lips on the salty, windy beach, where I've been living the last few months. Cocooning them in this every night feels so comfy and cushiony. FYI: I've been using the one with a rose-gold tint and it's totally pillow safe."

TB booster
True Botanicals Vitamin C Booster $90.00

"Vitamin C is so tricky—if it's not formulated or stored in super specific ways, it loses its potency. But as a powder, like this, it fires on all cylinders. Mix it into any base you'd like for the perfect, end-of-summery skin-brightening fix."

Lindsey Metrus
 Lindsey Metrus/Design by Cristina Cianci
VB Bitten
Victoria Beckham Beauty Bitten Lip Tint in Chèrie $36.00

"I have a constant fear that my lipstick will venture onto my teeth or just outside my lip line, so I often opt for stain-like formulas that hug my lip skin for dear life to avoid any embarrassment. As soon as I saw this new launch from VB, I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough. The campaign imagery shows how universally flattering the "Bitten" tint is—like you'd literally just bitten your lips and had the blood rush to the surface—for that perfect your-lips-but-better shade. It's super buildable too, so you can go as sheer or as dark as you want. Bonus: Because it stays put so well, you can rest assured it won't rub off on your mask."

Payot Healthy Glow
Payot Healthy Glow Serum $38.00

"Another product I plan to use this fall is a solid vitamin C serum. I haven't been a faithful user of the vitamin, even though I've had countless derms and fellow editors swear by its ability to even out the skin and make it appear plumper and more radiant—that is, until I met Payot's Healthy Glow Serum. The user experience is so fun, which is why I think I was initially so consistent. Not only is the bottle pretty, but the serum itself is a gorgeous sensorial event. Even better, though, is the difference I've seen in my skin. There's a noticeable glow and less discoloration, so beyond the look and feel of the product, I look forward to putting it on because I know it's actually working."

Nuele Hair Serum $34.00

"Finally, I'm turning to a new hair oil from Nuele to revive my dry strands. My fine hair can't take on too much weight or else it greases up at an alarmingly fast rate, but this serum—albeit fortified with oils—is light enough that it smooths and seals without the dreaded oil-slick look. It's got all of the good stuff and none of the bad: it's made with 100% certified organic ingredients and is free of synthetics, silicone, and water dilution. I also love that the ingredients are responsibly sourced from Ghana and Morocco to help bolster the economy in rural markets in Africa."

Faith Xue
 Faith Xue/Design by Cristina Cianci
Sobel Glycolic Acid Peel
Sobel Skin Rx 30% Glycolic Acid Peel $46.00

"I love an in-office peel to keep my skin texture smooth and bright, but since I haven't been able to go in for one, I've been relying on this at-home version from celeb dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel's line. I loved how easy it was to use—just sprinkle a few drops onto a cotton pad and smooth it over your face, wait a few minutes, then rinse off—but loved the results even more. I was blown away after just using it once—the bumps and uneven skin texture on my forehead and cheeks seem considerably smoother, and my skin just felt fresher and brighter overall. I'm a convert."

Francis Kurkdijan
Maison Francis Kurkdjian Eau de Parfum - Gentle Fluidity Gold Edition $225.00

"Some people have been finding comfort in skincare during quarantine, but I've been finding it in perfume. My already-overgrown perfume garden (yes, garden—because it's nurtured and loved and cared for, obviously) has grown even larger during quarantine. One of my new favorites that I actually discovered from Mariama Diallo's Fragrance Wardrobe is Francis Kurkdjian's Gentle Fluidity in Gold. It smells technically of juniper berries, nutmeg, and coriander, but I think it smells like a warm cozy knit at the end of a long day of baking cookies. Anytime I need a pick me up or mood boost, I spritz this and I'm instantly happier."

Kayo CBD Nourishing Lotion $56.00

"I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to most CBD body products, but this one from Kayo Body is legitimately soothing if you have irritated skin on your body like I do. It's made with full-spectrum CBD (which is always my preference when it comes to body products), as well as sea kep and blue algae extracts to soothe, resveratrol to protect from free radicals, and vitamin E to strengthen your skin's natural barrier. I slather this all over my body after using the Kayo Remodeling Serum and bask in the slippery-softness of my skin. It's my new favorite before-bed ritual."

Saie gloss
Saie Really Great Gloss $20.00

"I never thought I'd be a lip gloss person, but here I am: a proud member of team lip gloss. The newer versions are more creamy, balmy, and hydrating instead of super-shiny and sticky (see: the Tower 28 Milky Lip Jellies, which my coworkers wax poetic about). Saie's Really Great Gloss comes in five colors you won't be able to choose between because they're all super flattering, and it feels like a balm when you apply. It makes your lips look juicy, but not too juicy, and it's made with apple extract to slough away flakes as you wear it (genius!), along with hyaluronic acid for plumping and coconut milk for hydration."

Pat McGrath Dark Star
Pat McGrath Dark Star Volumizing Mascara $30.00

"If I could marry a mascara and it wouldn't be weird, it would be this one. My lashes are long, but super-thin and wimpy, so I'm constantly on the hunt for a mascara that adds instant volume but still keeps my lashes curled (most volumizing mascaras will weigh my lashes down so they point down instead of up). Well, I'm so happy to announce to my friends and family that I've finally The One. Just a few swipes of Pat McGrath's Dark Star Volumizing Mascara makes my lashes look 10X thicker and more dramatic (and I love drama). I love that I can do a few swipes for a more natural look, or really layer on the volume for something more bold—somehow, through Pat's witchcraft, the mascara never gets clumpy. The biggest thing about this mascara is that it actually lifts your lashes, so you can stretch them upwards and outwards. No other will ever compare."

Holly Rhue
 Holly Rhue/Design by Cristina Cianci
Pattern Leave In
Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner $36.00

"While I welcome cooler weather with open arms, it can be drying—particularly for my curls. Between wash days, my ends start to look a bit tattered and straw-like. I apply a generous dollop of Pattern's leave-in conditioner immediately after washing and it makes my curls significantly softer, bouncier, and more defined. It also works wonders as a daily touch-up to help tame flyaways and give my curls some separation when I'm really stretching my last wash."

rare beauty lipstick
Rare Beauty Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick $20.00

"When Rare Beauty—the lovechild of Selena Gomez—was born earlier this month, I didn't expect to be introduced to my favorite lip product of all time. The formula goes on smooth and creamy, but quickly dries down to a matte, velvety finish. It's creamy enough that you can rub your lips together without the pigment flaking off, but dry enough that it doesn't transfer onto my face covering either. The shade 'Courage' is my perfect vivid, burnt berry hue."

Sugarbear Sleep
SugarBear Sleep Vitamins $30.00

"My final fall beauty pick is more so about beauty sleep. I'm pretty open about being a diagnosed insomniac. The anxiety I have around not being able to fall asleep makes it all the more difficult to climb into bed, and it only gets worse in the fall when it gets darker sooner. Byrdie senior editor Lindsey Metrus recommended I try these sleep support vitamins from SugarBear Hair, and I was admittedly skeptical. (As was she at first—we've seen every Bachelor star posting seemingly ingenious paid posts for these on Instagram). I decided to give them a try and can say with certainty that these have made a significant improvement in my sleep quality. I start to feel sleepy and heavy-lidded within 30-45 minutes of taking two of these gummies, which are packed with melatonin, magnesium (which helps your body produce melatonin), vitamin B6 (which regulates tryptophan levels), and other sleep-supportive ingredients. Try them and become a believer."

Hallie Gould
Hallie Gould/Design by Cristina Cianci
Miss Jessie's
Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment $14.00

"Summer (and quarantine in general), has been ample time to finally get the health of my hair back on track. Gone are the days I can pretend I don't have 'time' to mask, moisturize, air-dry, and sample products. (It's also been a year since I last colored my hair, but who's counting.) Now that it's September and fall is about to officially hit, I plan to keep the healthy-hair momentum going with Miss Jessie's Super Sweetback Treatment. It's a truly decadent softening treatment which, according to the bottle, is also "the best darn hair growth treatment period." The formula is brimming with shea butter (for moisture) and centella extract (a growth stimulant that promotes long, healthy curls). I am absolutely a convert and I've been using it every few days in place of my usual conditioner. Other times, I'll add a little mid-week moisture punch and just leave it in for 24 full hours. I plan to have waist-long hair by winter (we'll see about that, but a girl can dream)."

Huda Beauty
Wishful Honey Balm Niacinamide Moisturizer $49.00

"I'm not usually someone who plays fast and loose with her moisturizers—in fact, I've been using the same formula for years. That said, this one caught my eye. First, the name is pure magic (I mean, honey balm jelly? It's inspired), and then there's the texture and finish. It's glowy, radiant, and a little bit holographic for all your highlighting, lit-from-within needs. So much so, I actually use it more as a makeup product than a skincare one. Lately, I've been mixing a healthy dollop of the moisturizer in with my foundation to sheer it out and add a more luminous quality. I find it gives my minimal makeup look an extra oomph when I'm trying to feel good (you know, in a world filled with so much chaos). It's my little jar of happiness and will be all season."

Becca Cosmetics
Becca Cosmetics Zero Face + Lip Glass Highlighter $24.00

"Naturally, I haven't been wearing a ton of lip products (cloth mask and all), but I have found this little gem to be absolutely wonderful. It's clear and shiny, but it feels nothing like a lip gloss. It's my dream product for that exact reason. The brand calls it a No Pigment Glass Highlighter—so you can wear it to add a bit of lacquer-like shine to your cheekbones, lips, and lids. It's the dewiest, most natural, most lovely looking formula and leaves behind zero stickiness. I smooth it on, it tingles a bit (so it gives my lips color without the pigment), and go. I have two in every bag."

Kelly Gallagher
Kelly Gallagher/Design by Cristina Cianci
Tower 28
Tower 28 ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss $14.00

"Like Jaz, I'm also a fan of Tower 28's Milky Jelly gloss. I can't stop using it and tell everyone about. I've always been a lip gloss girl, but I'm insanely particular about the color and texture of glosses. 'Oat' is the perfect color for me (it also comes in three other shades that are all really versatile) and the texture is super shiny but without all the stickiness of the lip glosses I normally use. I've had this product in my bag for two weeks and I've used it every day since I got it—that's how much I love it."

Crown Affair
Crown Affair The Renewal Mask $58.00

"My hair is super fine and very thirsty. I love this mask because it's hydrating but doesn't leave my hair looking weighed down or feeling greasy the way other hair masks do. I've been using it in the shower once or twice a week and then letting my hair air dry after with a bit of the hair oil on the ends. The texture is super light and airy, which feels completely different than any other hair mask I've ever tried. I'm excited to keep this on hand for fall and winter when my strands really need the extra hydration."

Elspeth Velten
Elspeth Velten/Design by Cristina Cianci
Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Polishing Lip Scrub $20.00

"My transition to fall is all about negating the effects of the summer sun and salt on my skin, and my lips are no exception to that rule. By the end of August it's a given that I'm crusty and a little burnt, and Naturopathica's Sweet Cherry Polishing Lip Scrub is just the catalyst I need for some cell turnover. Cherry puree acts as an antioxidant and cherry seed powder brings some texture and friction—a few uses and I'm back on track towards smooth, hydrated lips."

Topicals Faded
Topicals Faded Brightening & Clearing Gel $36.00

"The end of summer is also when the melasma that plagues my forehead is the most active. Enter Faded, a gentle brightening and clearing gel full of actives like niacinamide and exfoliating acids tranexamic, azelaic, and kojic that target hyperpigmentation and visible sun damage. It'll be a little while before I can tell for sure if this is the answer to my discoloration, but I've never been more excited by an initial purge as I was when I added this product to my routine a week or two ago."

Peach & Lily
Peach & Lily Skin Shield Blurring Primer $34.00

"Until my melasma does fade, Peach & Lily's Skin Shield Blurring Primer provides a softening, smoothing effect that evens out my skin tone and texture—especially if you're seeing me over Zoom. And forget using this as a base—I'm almost always just wearing this light, creamy, bouncy primer alone. Skincare as makeup, right?"

Body Stone
natureofthings Body Stone $40.00

"I spent all of August at the beach and now my skin looks like a lizard's. Luckily, natureofthings' recent body stone launch has proven to be the perfect tool for exfoliation and removal of my scaly dead skin—and there is nothing more satisfying to me than watching dead skin leave my body. The stone, made of French white clay, is a tad more fancy than your typical pumice stone, but its smooth and curved texture adds an element of massage to the ritual that justifies the slightly elevated price tag."

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