Not Just a Summer Fling: 10 Products We're Carrying With Us Into Fall

Seasonal skincare and makeup is a real thing. There are moisturizers that are perfect for summer but too thin for fall, foundation formulas that are not humidity-proof, and so on. There are also products that stand the test of time, as well as the changing seasons. This summer, we fell in love with so many different offerings and treatments, and we aren't ready to give them up just yet. There was a glow-inducing facial, coral lipstick, a natural-looking self-tanning spray, and the most epic highlighting shimmer we've seen yet. So yes, our relationship with these formulas is not just a summer fling. Instead, it's turning into something fairly serious. 

Below, find the best products, treatments, and ingredients we've tried and fallen for this summer and why we can't wait to keep using them through fall (and winter and spring). They're incredible, and you're going to love them too, trust.