Fairy Tale Hair Has Taken Over My Fall Mood Board

It's giving Bo Peep.

Jennie from Blackpink with braids and hair bows

Jennie Kim

Between cherub lips and ballet-inspired dressing, we're clearly feeling romantic this fall. The latest hair trend popping up on the heads of celebs and TikTokers alike is yet another way to indulge our feminine sides: What I'm dubbing "fairy tale hair."

It started last winter with hair bows fit for a princess making several appearances on the red carpet (and my For You page). By the end of the summer, ribbons had made their way from the top of half-up hairdos and party-ready buns to the bottom of braided pigtails.

It's easy to understand the appeal: Bows add a sweet, unexpected touch to an already adorable hairstyle. And, why not channel your inner Little Miss Muffet this fall? Just take it from Bella Hadid, who recently paired a pretty corset with braids tied off with pink bows—this style isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The accessory trend—which has evolved to include braids woven with ribbon, looped braids, and pretty much anything involving a bow—is a clear extension of the romance moment happening in fashion and beauty right now (see Balletcore, pearlcore, and, of course, Cottagecore).

Unlike most trends, however, you probably have the right materials for this look laying around your house. Unless you spring for a splurge-y piece (in which case, I recommend Sandy Liang's new bow collection or Jennifer Beher's celeb-approved clips), it's an easy way to add a bit of charm to any outfit. As we head into winter and my wardrobe becomes exclusively jeans and big sweaters, I know I'll be relying on ribbons and bows to keep the fantasy going strong.

Want to get in on fairy tale hair? Scroll on for some inspiration.

Goldilocks Ponies

For a classic fairy tale look, add a simple bow to a pair of low ponies. If you're worried about looking too juvenile (in which case, this probably isn't the trend for you), keep the pigtails low, and add some messy texture.

Braided Loops

If Kirsten was your favorite American Girl doll, this one's for you. Take your go-to braids to the next level by looping them up, and finishing off with some lace ribbons.

Woven Braids

The ultimate in fairy tale hair, these ribbon-woven braids look just out of a picture book.

Butterfly Clips

If you want to channel a fairy princess, make like Olivia Rodrigo and scatter some life-like butterflies throughout your tousled waves. (We have all the details on her exact clips, here).

Scattered Bows

Handfuls of mini bows sprinkled through a bunch of baby braids are the perfect balance of cool and cute.

Knit Bonnet

It's Little Red Riding Hood meets Knight In Shining Armor: a little weird, a little whimsical, and perfectly at home in a fairytale universe.

Floating Tiara

Taylor Russel in a tiara


You can't have fairy tale hair without a tiara, and Taylor Russell's sleek one is surprisingly modern—the 21st Century take on Cinderella hair.

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