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Luka Sabbat and Fai Khadra on the Fragrance They Wear for a Night Out

Plus, they discuss what they've been working on this year.

After a long couple of years of mostly hanging around inside, I think we're pretty much all having fever dreams of wild yet magically consequence-free nights on the town. That's what makes this the perfect time for Ralph Lauren to debut Ralph's Club, the label's newest unisex eau de parfum. One spritz, and you'll be convinced the brand has read your mind and channeled your perfect-night-out dreams in a bottle. Woodsy and masculine with fresh top notes, the scent evokes an evening spent ducking in and out of speakeasies and smoky jazz clubs.

With that in mind, the campaign for Ralph's Club is a spot-on representation of the fragrance. The imagery and accompanying short film, all shot in inky black and white, features Gigi Hadid, Luka Sabbat, Fai Khadra, and Lucky Blue Smith. They don not-quite-matching suits and hit up a nightclub that looks like it was plucked from the pages of a Sam Spade novel. At the recent launch party for Ralph's Club in West Hollywood, I spoke with Sabbat and Khadra about epic nights out, chill nights in, and everything in between.

What have you guys been up to? Where is home for you these days?

Sabbat: I moved in January, so home is L.A. now.

Khadra: I've been in L.A.

Sabbat: I lived here on and off prior. I filmed a TV show here for a while, so I would stay here in a hotel for a few months to film, hang out with our buddies, the whole enchilada. Now I just live here. I just did a movie in December with Lena Dunham [called Sharp Stick], and it's going to Sundance, so that's pretty cool. I've never been, so I'm pretty hyped about that.

Khadra: We all will be going to Sundance together to support him.

luka sabbat and fai khadra

Design by Tiana Crispino

Tell me a little bit about the campaign. You were all friends before working together, right?

Sabbat: We were all friends, for sure. It was fun. It was like a bunch of buddies hanging out, taking photos.

Khadra: It was cool because it was my first job right after the pandemic. Luka and I saw each other this year, but the others—Gigi lives in New York, so we didn't really get to see her.

Sabbat: And the baby.

Khadra: It was nice to all be back together. It was a reunion, which was fitting.

Sabbat: It was like a celebration. It was nice.

The scent has been described as a night out in a bottle. It sounds like that was the energy on set, too.

Sabbat: Definitely. That's what inspired the campaign—it's lively, it's fun.

Khadra: It felt like a classic New York night out, you know?

Sabbat: I love that there's a dress code to it: you dress yourself up, you look nice, and you associate that with the scent, which is woody and lavender-y. It all comes together as a nice package of sorts.

What's the ideal night out for you guys in real life?

Khadra: Truly, it looks very similar to what Ralph's Club looked like. Maybe a little less suiting, but it's all the buddies.

Sabbat: Dancing.

Khadra: Hanging out, dancing, music, live music especially. I remember nights out with us all in Paris when we were there for fashion week. That's always a fun time. Being away from home in a different country with all your best friends is always fun.

Sabbat: Those are always really fun because we all work in the same industry, so we'll all end up in the same place. Like, when else are we all going to be in Milan? There's no reason for us to be there. So those nights, going to clubs where nobody speaks English, we're trying to figure everything out—it's usually a complete fiasco, but it ends up being fun.

fai khadra

Design by Tiana Crispino

It's the kind of city where if you're not in bed after dinner, you're out all night.

Sabbat: Yeah. You finish dinner around 11, so we usually go out all night.

When you're getting ready for a night out, what does that look like for you guys?

Sabbat: For me, it's pretty standard. I find a nice outfit, hit up a few pals to see where they're at, throw on some Ralph's Club, and I'm out the door.

Khadra: Very similar. I love to take a shower and spend a little time relaxing and getting ready before a night out.

Sabbat: If I already showered that day, I'm ready to go. If anything, I like to shower after coming back from a sweaty evening.

Khadra: That too. Before I leave, I always spray some Ralph's Club. I feel like it adds that extra layer of confidence. It's one of those scents that kind of lingers even after you leave. It kind of stays in the room a little bit, so it's nice, you know, to just leave a—

It's a scent for people to remember you by. 

Sabbat: Yeah. Now we're talking.

luka sabbat and fai khadra

Design by Tiana Crispino

Sorry, am I taking all your soundbites?

Sabbat: We're ping-ponging! No, I feel you. You either go out, or you get ready and go out. I usually just go out, but I feel like I have a better time when I get ready. It's like, you already prepped yourself for an evening. So I'm like, I'm going to have fun whether I like it or not. I mean, I'll party solo in a suit.

Yeah, there's a ritual to it, almost.

Sabbat: Yeah. You're amping yourself up, like, This is going to be good. I look great.

What does that getting-ready ritual look like for you?

Khadra: I feel like I definitely have some music on.

Sabbat: Maybe a little food.

Khadra: Some 818 Tequila. That's essential. All you need for a great night out is 818 Tequila and Ralph's Club.

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