The Untold Story of Beautyblender

Updated 09/08/17

As faithful makeup wearers, we've seen firsthand how the Beautyblender has changed the entire makeup application process as we know it. Never has our foundation looked as flawless as when we first dipped the small, egg-shaped sponge into our product and ever so gently bounced it off our skin. It was like pure makeup sorcery was happening before our eyes. And unsurprisingly, whenever we get a peek at a celeb makeup artist's station, we almost always see a Beautyblender in tow. It truly is the best of the best.

So, who's the mastermind behind this sponge? Rea Ann Silva, the creator of the Beautyblender, had a plan to help makeup seamlessly blend into the skin and didn't quit until she dreamed up the perfect concept. Below, hear her story of how the Beautyblender was found.

Byrdie: How did you get the idea for the Beautyblender?

Rea Ann Silva: I was working as a makeup department head for one of the first television shows shot in HD and knew we needed a tool to allow us to create a flawless face, free of lines or demarcation. I spent hours in my trailer cutting sponges to the perfect elliptical shape while also realizing that we needed to create an airbrush effect without actually using airbrush—so the idea was born!

Byrdie: What was the process like to get the product off the ground and into the manufacturing stage?

RAS: I always say I'm a makeup artist, not a product developer. It was not easy, but a determined attitude and a relentless work ethic got me through. I did my homework, and through very diligent research and "pounding the pavement," so to speak, I was able to find someone who had the knowledge to get my idea made and believed in the idea. That person is still part of my team today and still helps me bring all my ideas to life.

Beautyblender $20

Byrdie: What are some things you want your customers to know about using the Beautyblender?

RAS: It still surprises me that some people use their Beautyblender dry. If you love using it dry, it will change your life if you use it wet. We came up with the slogan—wet.squeeze.bounce.—to remind people that while you may think sponges should be used dry, this product is unique because of what happens to it when it's wet: It expands in size, does not suck up your makeup, and leaves the texture of your skin flawless. Another important fact is that you don’t have to only use the Beautyblender with cream or liquid makeup.

It is amazing with powdered makeup, as well!

Byrdie: What are some little-known uses for it?

RAS: Some think it can only be used with complexion makeup. Our is perfect for creating a smoky eye or for applying cream eye shadow. It also makes highlighting and contouring a breeze. Another fun fact: Once you're finished with your Beautyblender, you can use it to create ombré nail designs.

Beautyblender $18

Byrdie: What types of foundations work best with the Beautyblender?

RAS: Any type of cream, liquid, or cushion foundation works best with the Beautyblender.

Byrdie: What's next for the Beautyblender?

RAS: I'm constantly thinking of ways to change how women “make up.” Our newest and latest tool will take the guesswork out of creating the perfect cat eye. Liner.designer, Beautyblender’s newest eyeliner application tool, is a genius triple-edged eyeliner guide. Acting as your steady hand and symmetry expert, now you can achieve your favorite eyeliner styles with ease and precision. Perfect for use with all eyeliners, pencils, pens, gel creams, liquid, and powder, Liner.designer has a straight edge that is flexible yet sturdy when gently placed against skin.

Its chic compact has a five-times magnifying mirror and suction cup to allow the compact to be used at eye level. For a more dramatic cat eye, use the long, straight side to draw out and elongate a curved, long wing. To create a subtler cat eye, use the shorter, curved side to create a straighter wing. Use Liner.designer to line the bottom of the eyes by using the larger, curved side, applying liner to the bottom inner and outer corners in a smooth, clean line.

Beautyblender Liner.designer (coming soon!) $16

What's your favorite way to use the Beautyblender? Sound off in the comments!

Ed note: This interview was inspired by "Rea Ann Silva's amazing road to Beautyblender," which can be found here. Since publishing, Byrdie has learned of Veronica Lorenz's affiliation with Beautyblender as an early investor who helped the concept get off the ground. Lorenz has since parted ways with the company, and Rea Ann Silva has expressed to us her responsibility for the idea, creation, development, and growth of the brand. 

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