Is This the Future of Dermatology?

Going to the dermatologist is like going to the dentist, the gynecologist, and the optometrist. Yes, going to the dermatologist means going to the doctor (okay, maybe slightly more exciting), including all that a doctor’s appointment entails. You sit in a dreary waiting room and fill out a ton of paperwork, and the whole thing is just an ordeal. What if a derm visit could be easily achieved and effortless? That was precisely the vision of Dr. Nancy Samolitis and Danielle Nadick, co-founders of Facile Dermatology + Boutique in West Hollywood. It’s part dermatology office, part spa, part beauty boutique, and all facile (a word that literally means easily achieved and effortless). Needless to say, I was sold before even stepping in the door.

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