Facial Massage Is Really Good for Your Skin: Here's the Right Way to Do It



When we encounter someone with luminous, youthful skin, our first instinct is to interrogate them about what products they use. But what few pursuers of perfect complexions think to consider is that how one applies a serum or moisturizer is just as important as the formula itself. Indeed, some of the most out-of-control beautiful skin we've encountered on the likes of Hollywood estheticians and celebrities (Cate Blanchett, for one) can be attributed, at least in part, to one simple but hyper-beneficial skincare habit: facial massage.

Incorporating the right facial massage techniques into your daily skincare routine can be the secret not only to improved radiance but to a firmer, wrinkle-free face. How so? First off, kneading the skin improves circulation, which brings "more blood cells to the skin, more oxygen, and better absorption of products," explains Sonya Dakar, Beverly Hills esthetician and founder of Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic. Certain methods can also smooth forehead frown lines and reduce stress and headaches, which, in turn, can minimize frowning and the resulting wrinkles, she says.

"A quick stimulation of the tissues reinvigorates your face and helps to promote healthy skin," agrees Diana Morrison, lead esthetician at Massage Envy. "You'll see the benefits as a glowing and firm complexion." Our experts recommend taking the opportunity to massage your face every time you go through your regular skincare routine. Read on to find out exactly which facial massage techniques to use for your most glowing skin ever.