This 2-Minute Facial Massage Technique Literally Changed the Shape of My Face

The best facial of my life involved no extractions. There were no lasers, no microdermabrasion machines, and no high-tech tools or showy face masks. And yet, when I emerged, I couldn't stop staring at my face. I looked like I'd just slept for a century and somehow had plumper cheeks, a more sculpted jawline, and an effortless glow like never before. The star of the treatment was a specific facial massage technique where the esthetician used the palms of her hands to firmly sculpt and knead my facial muscles, like a deep-tissue body massage, so by the time I emerged, my face literally looked like a different shape—more lifted and more contoured. "I feel like I just had really good sex," I told a woman in the lobby who'd just gotten out of the same facial, and she heartily agreed.

I would have gone back to get that facial every other week, but here's the catch: It was in Tokyo at the headquarters of Japanese cosmetics brand Koh Gen Do. I'm willing to commute for a facial, but Los Angeles to Japan is a little farther than I'm willing to go. Devastating.

Luckily, a few weeks after this life-changing facial massage, its inventor, Koh Gen Do's Senior Managing Director and Lead Facialist Megumi Setoguchi, came to L.A. and led a class on how to perform this facial massage on yourself. It is shockingly simple and takes just a couple minutes, so you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine. Better yet, you don't even need to have the magical hands of an esthetician to see those lifted, contoured results—you can totally achieve them yourself. Curious to learn this too-good-to-be-true facial massage technique yourself? Keep on reading.