Try Before You Buy: Fillers, Braces and More

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If you’ve ever wondered what you might look like post-filler, boob job or butt lift, now’s your chance to find out. Yes, we should be happy with our lot, but there’s always the burning "What if?" question. Which is why, when aesthetics guru and Instagram legend Tijion Esho told me about facial mapping, my mind was blown. A technology that uses 3D rendering takes a picture of your face and then feeds it into the computer, where augmented reality software reveals what you’d look like after the treatment. It’s essentially a "try before you buy" option. Esho refers to it as an "impact treatment" and tells me it’s like Face/Off.

“Instead of using makeup to contour, fillers are becoming the new method of manipulation, and you can do it all with a needle, cannula and 3D imaging within a doctor’s clinic,” says Esho. Before, it would have been a case of plastic surgery, but by using bespoke fillers, the possibilities are endless. From a more-defined jawline to a cute button nose or plumped-up cheeks, you can change your silhouette in seconds. However, always make sure to work with your consultant before you go anywhere near a needle means to ensure that you’ll see the results you desire.

Price-wise, facial mapping starts at £150 which includes a consultation and 3D rendering. If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, expect to pay from £1500 depending on what you're having done (tear troughs, lip fillers or nonsurgical nose job).

Can the Same Technology Be Used on the Body?

woman looking at possible breast augmentation
The Cadogan Clinic

You betcha. Image rendering in 3D has been used to give 360º views of skin conditions and plastic surgery procedures for a while, but now there are 4D versions. Cadogan Clinic is the first UK location to introduce the 4D Crisalix scanning device to pacify nervous patient’s considering breast augmentation. After a quick full-body scan, the image is projected onto a mirror screen with your adjusted breast size and shape. Now you’ve got the power to dictate how you want your boobs to look, sit and even move. A consultation with Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Mr Oliver Branford at The Cadogan Clinic using Crisalix costs £150, and if you decide to “plump” for the augmentation, prices start at £5900.

You Can Even Map Your Teeth Transformation

3D imaging for teeth
Rhona Eksander

Even mouths are getting in on the VR previews. Rhona Eskander, a cosmetic dentist in London, uses a similar technology called Clincheck to show her patients how their smile will look like after Invisalign. Employing 3D printing, teeth are scanned before flashing up on the screen so you can eye up your alignment issues and see how your teeth will move into a perfect positioning. Some consultations are free, but you might be charged up to £300.

Speeding up services (because your practitioner already has your desired blueprint to follow) and guaranteeing you get a happy ending, these lifelike, real-time predictions put your mind at ease that your investment (because hell, these treatments aren’t cheap) is going to be worth it. And even if you don’t sign on the dotted line, at least you don’t have to have an anaesthetic to assess how you might look with Botox or a bigger cup size.

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