The Crucial Step Your Skincare Routine is Missing

For some, the standard cleanse, tone, and moisturize regimen is already a lot to ask (no judgment). Which is why, if we told you to add another step to your skincare routine, we’d expect a a few groans. It’s cool—we get it. But what if we told you this extra step takes almost no effort, and really does deliver that fresh-faced, healthy glow?

Allow us to introduce you to facial essences. Much-loved in Korea and as common as toner or serum, it’s the crucial step your skincare routine has been missing. (For real though—since this editor started using one, her annoyingly oily skin has gotten way less shiny and is noticeably brighter). To get the inside scoop, we spoke with Alicia Yoon, our resident Korean beauty expert and co-founder of Peach & Lily (a.k.a. your gateway to the best in Asian beauty), and asked her to give us the lowdown on this little-known (but soon to be everywhere) skincare trend. Keep scrolling to learn all about facial essences!