FaceGym's New Moisturizer Is Designed to Give You Taut, Bouncy Skin

Like shapewear for your face.

FaceGym massage


If you thought there was no such thing as a workout that delivers instant results, allow us to introduce you to FaceGym. The beauty company is known for their intense facials that sculpt and lift much like traditional exercise, except in this case the results are immediate and you don’t actually have to do any of the work. Rather, at any of their studios, you can just sit back and chill while one of FaceGym's highly skilled trainers goes to work with their signature massaging technique. And while it might not be the most relaxing massage of your life, it will definitely be the most effective—FaceGym’s lifting treatments have gained a cult following among celebrities, editors, and clients alike.

After the success of their in-house facials, the brand decided to create a high-performing skincare line that offers many of the same benefits at home. FaceGym's first products launched last year and included a cleanser, serum, oil, and cream designed to tone, tighten, and strengthen the same way a workout does. The brand's latest product, however, is modeled after something that delivers even faster results: shapewear.

Launching tomorrow, the new Liftwear Gel-Cream Moisturizer ($55) offers an instant boost in radiance, firmness, and bounce while reducing the appearance of fine lines and creases. Like sliding on a pair of butt-lifting Spanx, it's an easy go-to for days when you want a little extra lift. Ahead, get all the exclusive details on the new launch straight from the founder of FaceGym herself.

The Inspiration

Like many other recent beauty launches, the idea for FaceGym's latest product came from a bit of self-reflection amid the pandemic's early days. Against a backdrop of endless Zooms, stress, and long nights spent trying to get it all done, FaceGym's team started examining how exactly these issues were affecting our skin. "[It] made us look more deeply into the impact of lifestyle aging and how we could prevent and mitigate its effects," explains FaceGym founder Inge Theron.

FaceGym Liftwear


For example, "We know stress and screens can make the skin look dull and lackluster, so we found the most incredible brightening algae and combined it with other well-known active ingredients: niacinamide and vitamin C." That combination of tried-and-tested classics with newer, groundbreaking ingredients is at the heart of FaceGym's development process, Theron says, and this lifting moisturizer is no exception.

The Formula

While Liftwear harnesses plenty of familiar ingredients like illuminating vitamin C, the formula is also filled with new FaceGym elements sourced from nutrient-rich waters. "With Liftwear, we have combined a number of active ingredients that are new to FaceGym formulations with more commonly-used actives that we already know deliver the best results," Theron says of the product's three hero ingredients.

First up is Sirtalice, a marine bioferment ingredient that's derived from an Indian Ocean-dwelling bacteria found more than 11,000 feet beneath the sea's surface. Sirtalice is essentially like a bracing, icy blast for the skin that, according to the brand, can stimulate protein production to promote taut, bouncy skin. FaceGym says the ingredient offers immediate benefits (it can supposedly provide a lifting and V-shaping effect within 30 minutes) as well as long-term sculpting benefits, too.

FaceGym Liftwear


Next up is another protein-promoting ingredient called Iceawake, which is based on an extract that's sourced from the soil beneath Swiss glaciers. According to the brand, the bacteria derivative promotes protein folding within the endoplasmic reticulum—which is basically a subway system for your skin cells—, a process which Theron says can be affected by poor sleep habits. In the process, the Iceawake works to stimulate and energize tired-looking skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost radiance. The final ingredient is amber microalgae, encapsulated from Spain's Cantabrian Sea, which is naturally high in fatty acids and helps isolate and correct discolored pigmentation and reduce age spots in the skin.

How to Use It

Despite the complicated-sounding ingredients, Liftwear is easy to apply and suitable for everyday use, even under makeup. For daily wear, simply apply a dollop of Liftwear in lieu of your usual moisturizer and reap the benefits of some immediate tightening and firmness. But for more dramatic results in a hurry, FaceGym recommends a strategic facial massage that helps deepen those contours even more. Theron and the FaceGym team call the practice the "V-Lift Method", so named for that Bella Hadid-like hollow-cheeked effect synonymous with a chiseled face. It's essentially a hand-and-knuckle gua sha, and helps drain excess facial fluid for sleek, sculpted jawlines, cheekbones, and chins.

The massage involves four moves that can be repeated three times each for maximum benefits. After swiping on your Liftwear moisturizer, start with Knuckle Jawline Cuts. Using both hands, sweep the knuckles on your index and middle fingers along your jawline, starting at the center of your jaw and moving up towards your ears. Then, start your Prayer Lifts by making a prayer shape with your hands and sweeping them from the center of your chin up to your ears with medium pressure.

FaceGym massage


Next, move into your V Shape Lifts. For this move, use the index and middle fingers on both of your hands to make a V shape at the very tip of you chin. Then, slide your fingers up towards to the top of your cheeks on each side. For your final move—the Finger Cheek Sweeps—place your index and middle fingers at the corners of your nose and swipe them underneath along your cheekbone using medium to firm pressure.

Taut, trampoline-y skin after just a bit of massage? Forget leg day—I'm never skipping cheek day again.

Liftwear is available at FaceGym studios and FaceGym.com starting on 2/1. Liftwear will also launch at Sephora.com in mid-February.

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