This Facial Countouring Tool Has a 70K-Person Waiting List

We're willing to bet you've scrolled past an ad for the FasciaBlaster on your Facebook or Instagram feeds, especially if your search history errs on the side of beauty and skincare. In short, it's a tool with handles on either end and small claw-like attachments along its length. You use it to rub along your body to break up fascia, the connective tissue that divides our muscles. The idea is that doing so will lessen the look of cellulite and break up fat for smoother, more defined limbs. (Check out this Pinterest board to see all of the real-life before-and-afters.)

Ashley Black, creator of the FasciaBlaster, has gained a huge cult following (over 864K followers on Facebook) full of faithful "Blasters" who swear by the transformative abilities of this noninvasive treatment. So much so that her newest product launch, the FaceBlaster, already has a 70K-person waiting list.

Ashley Black FaceBlaster $99

Designed to work similarly to the FasciaBlaster, this tool helps sculpt and define the face, sans surgery. It also claims to fend off wrinkles by breaking up the surface fascia that can lead to impressions in the skin. It doesn't just stop at the face, though: You can also use it on small joints in your toes, fingers, and ankles to release tension and ease pain. Watch Black use the tool and explain the process a bit more below!

Because this device is breaking up fascia underneath the surface of your skin, you will notice redness and bruising after using it. Don't be alarmed—Black says this is all part of the process. Just don't continue to use the tool after your skin's turned black and blue—give it some time to heal before starting up again. Here's her recommended regimen for the FaceBlaster (which comes in a kit with the products listed below):

  1. Pre-cleanse with the Pre-Blast Cleanse.
  2. Use a dime-sized drop of FaceBlaster Oil.
  3. Blast.
  4. Post-cleanse with Post-Blast Cleanse.
  5. Apply After Blaster Cream to tighten and hydrate skin.

Interested in giving this a try? Add your name to the waiting list now before this limited-edition product is gone.

Have you ever tried the FasciaBlaster? What did you think? Sound off below!

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