16 Face Masks Byrdie Editors Swear By for Glowing Skin ASAP

In the year of self-care, face masks fall into that feel-good category of beauty we can't help but indulge in. In the midst of your busy life, it might sound like a tedious task to set aside time and lather your face with a mask. But what if glowing, plumped, and hydrated skin is promised on the other side? There's nothing better in beauty than instant results with a product that totally transforms the texture of your skin in minutes. Preventative products are necessary, but masks that deliver immediate results are more fun.

Whether you want to wake up with glowing skin or you're prepping your skin for a night out, having a clean canvas to work with is never a bad idea. Packed with the good stuff like vitamins and antioxidants, these masks promote elasticity, brightening, and full-on radiance. Ahead are the face masks for glowing skin that Byrdie editors love. Treat your skin to one of these gems for the ultimate glow-up.