You Won't Believe This New Celebrity Selfie Trend

At Byrdie, we keep a vigilant watch for beauty trends emerging on social media, and the latest to catch our attention is the face-mask selfie. Over the last few months, we’ve been seeing more and more celebrities and top models proudly showing off their somewhat scary-looking bathroom beauty ritual for the world to see. And we’re intrigued.

It used to be that face masks were the stuff of private spa days and nights in with just you, a bottle of wine, and your Netflix account. They were a fun and effective—but hilarious and horrifying—beauty step that you wouldn’t let your crush (or the general public) see if your life depended on it.

Nowadays, it seems as though taking a selfie in a face mask is almost, dare we say, a humble brag (though with good reason). The face-mask selfie says, “I’m pretty (and confident) enough to publish an image of me looking like Hannibal Lecter or Jason from Friday the 13th—because I still look cute. Oh, and I also take really good care of my skin.” Heck, the crop of celebs and models posting face-mask selfies almost make the whole look seem alluring. But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? When you look that good, you can put mud, white latex, or green gunk on your face, in the name of skin maintenance, and still seem attractive. Oh, to be famous.

If you have any doubt that the face-mask selfie is here to stay, scroll on to see 14 celebrity photos that prove its popularity—and are also really funny and awesome.