This Face-Lifting Thread Will Blow Your Mind


You've heard of eyebrow threading, but what about threading your face for an instant face-lift? While this treatment sounds a bit horror movie–esque, turns out this new, less-invasive treatment is all the rage, according to a recent article featured on Goop. The process involves passing a tiny thread laden with barbed sutures through the skin and pulling it upward for an instant lift. It's not just for your face, either; it can be used on the neck, knees, and anywhere else in need of a youthful pseudo-nip/tuck. While this procedure has us understandably intrigued, we're also quite skeptical about its safety and efficacy. To get the inside scoop on whether this face-lift alternative is safe, we turned to Dr. Jennifer Herrmann of Moy-Fincher-Chipps in Beverly Hills.

"In general, these procedures are promoted outside the U.S., but there isn't a lot of concrete evidence supporting their advertised claims. The concept of threading isn’t new, but it continues to undergo modifications and alleged improvements. Although this technique avoids large incisions and significant tissue dissection, which are necessary for traditional surgical face-lifts, threading shouldn’t be presented as an alternative to a face-lift. The threads can’t lift as much as traditional face-lift stitching, and because excess skin isn’t removed, the results are more subtle and do not last as long as that those achieved with a traditional face-lift," says Hermann. Interesting. We thought that this procedure may be a bit too good to be true.

When it comes to achieving a youthful lift, Hermann suggests finding a more effective alternative: "The goal of threading is to lift sagging skin, but this addresses only some of the natural aging process. As we age, we lose bone and deep tissue, and the facial fat pads that give us youthful plump cheeks migrate downwards. Ideally, to re-create a youthful face, we need to replace the lost volume as well as pull up falling skin," she explains. As a result, Herrmann recommends soft tissue fillers, and for a more natural result, she suggests "a combination of fillers and a method to lift the skin."

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Would you ever try facial threading? We're dying to know. Please tell us in the comments!

Ed. Note: Quotes have been edited and shortened for content.