This Strange-Looking Tool Contours Your Face, No Makeup Required


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While our fascination with contouring may have waned—due to its over-saturation by various celebrities and YouTube tutorials, not to mention our overall boredom—our interest in razor-sharp cheekbones is still going strong. Unless you’re born with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s bone structure, though, it was seemingly impossible to contour your face without tons of expertly layered makeup. That is, until now.

I was first introduced to the Dr. Jart+ Liftra collection during fashion week, when the brand was backstage at DKNY’s F/W 16 show prepping each model’s skin before sending them to the makeup chair. The collection comes complete with three products: the Contour Cream, Contour Shaper, and Contour Fixer, and boasts a lofty claim.

“The collection offers an immediate boost in the appearance of volume and elasticity and a long-lasting contouring effect,” the press release states.


But could it really work? I asked Dr. Rachel Nazarian, my go-to for dermatology questions. She answered, “Facial circulation and lymphatic drainage helps to decrease puffiness and stimulate muscles. The Contour Cream contains several antioxidants and oils that help to hydrate the face while the Contour Fixer contains anti-redness niacinamide and oils,” she told me. So yes, Nazarian agrees. “Facial massage is always helpful and stimulation of lymphatic flow helps decrease puffiness in general. Enhanced circulation is seen immediately after massage—similar to the decrease in the look of cellulite when you vigorously massage your thighs—but the results are short-lived. For continued results, you should use it daily.”

Okay, so that’s enough to get me to try it. It yields instant results, and those results can be prolonged by continued use. It’s not magic, but it is pretty darn great.

I started with the Contour Cream, per the kit’s instructions.

Keep reading to find out what happened.