These Are the Best Eye Shadows for Green Eyes



Makeup is all about enhancing our natural features rather than covering them up; I think we can all agree on that by now. Even if we're swiping on a bold red lip, graphic cat eye, or vivid shade of eye shadow, it's all about complementing what's already there—aka our faces.

Depending on our unique skin tone, hair, and eye color, though, certain shades of makeup can look particularly striking. We're talking about those magical days when you test out a new product and everyone around you offers endless complements (we're not vain, we swear—it's just a nice feeling to find a product that works for us). Arguably, the impact is greatest when it's eye shadow. There's something particularly beautiful about a strong and intense gaze.

We've talked about the best eye shadow shades for blue eyes and hazel eyes, but now it's time for green eyes. Keep scrolling to see eight eye shadow shades makeup artists recommend to play up green eyes.

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