So This Happened: The Guy I Was Sort of Seeing Told Me I Wear Too Much Makeup

It all started like this: I began seeing a guy who, I felt, was refreshingly honest. His directness was unprecedented in my romantic endeavors—our conversations were staggering, often indulgent experiences where we talked about ourselves (and each other) like a book that had been blown wide open. We had a certain back-and-forth, a charm to our time together that was not at all contentious but fun and facetious.

As tends to happen, we ended things after just a few months. Though, I always looked back on our relationship fondly and hoped to keep up every so often. It’s not every day you get to verbally spar with someone who’s just as willing to do it as you are. I felt he knew me—understood my insides as well as what I was representing on the outside. That is, until recently.