Use This Eyeliner Trick to Reverse Your Sad Eyes

Updated 09/23/16

There are a few sad truths that come with having RBF (or Resting Bitch Face). Chief among them is being told to smile all the time (THE WORST), but for me, one of the more unexpected caveats is having serious struggles with liquid eyeliner. Because one of the genetic markers of my own RBF is downturned, "sad"-looking eyes, I always assumed that a cat eye is a flattering makeup option for me, since it theoretically gives eyes a lift.

Not so, it turns out: The shape of my eyes is such that winged liner looks awesome when my eyes are closed, but when they're open, the "tail" mostly disappears and ultimately looks disjointed—my eyes still look sad, with an added bonus of drawn-on crow's feet. The only way to make it work is to create a really thick, dramatic line. That's fine for a night out, but on a daily basis, a subtler look is definitely more my speed.

Fortunately, I've recently adopted an eyeliner trick that does give my eyes a lift—in addition to making my lashes look thicker and subtly brightening up my entire face. This is how to create that look.

The Trick

using liquid liner for the eyes

Now, instead of flicking my liquid liner out into a wing, I stop at the outer corner of my eye, where the crease of my eyelid meets the end of my lash-line. And rather than lining the entire lash line (which can make eyes look smaller), I only trace the outer third of it, thickening the line as I go. It still has a very subtle wing to it in that the line still ends in a point, but I don't fan it out. This way, I still create the illusion of fuller lashes and lift the corner of my eye without having to deal with that whole disjointed cat eye. 

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Trace the inside corner of your eyes as well as your lower waterline with a nude eyeliner, which opens up the eyes even more.

Finish off with a swipe of mascara, and you've got a super flattering, barely-there eye makeup look. 

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