I Tried a Bunch of Eyeliner Stamps, and These Are the Best

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If your eyeliner has ever made you late to a party, you're not the first. There's a reason why the internet is full of memes talking about how the struggle of applying winged eyeliner has been the cause of many women showing up late to events—or, more dramatically, not even showing at all. Gone are the days of meticulously trying to get your winged eyeliner perfect—the good news is reason enough to throw a celebratory gathering. Enter eyeliner stamps: Yes, stamps. The easiest way to apply winged eyeliner in the form of a precisely shaped pad that will make you wonder, How did I ever live without these in the first place? From wing shapes to decals to fun-sized stars and hearts, there's a variety of eyeliner stamps for you to start obsessing over. Keep reading for the top eyeliner stamps I tried myself, and why I—without hesitation—have rated them the top amongst their competition.

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Haus Laboratories Eye Armor Kit

Haus Laboratories winged eyeliner stamp

Seeing as Lady Gaga is the queen of winged eyeliner herself, you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on her new makeup line, Haus Laboratories and its accompanying eyeliner kit (which are stickers rather than stamps, but well worth the try anyway). I opened up the package to find one full-sized liquid eyeliner and a tiny booklet of 10 wingtip sticker decals. After successfully Googling the best way to use the kit, I went ahead and gave it a whirl.

First, I applied the decal in the corner of my eye and made sure the angle was upward enough for my eye shape. Seeing as there are 10 pairs, I went for a longer wing, something I normally wouldn't wear on a daily basis, to try something new. I applied the decal with my fingers, but you can also use tweezers to apply and press into the skin if you prefer that method instead.

Haus Laboratories wing liner

I then took the liquid liner pen and drew the connecting line from the inner corner of my eye to the part where the decal begins at the corner, and filled in any gaps or spaces for a streamlined finish. Seeing as the wing is already perfect, you can apply the liquid liner in one motion, or break it down into a few steps as you go. Whatever feels the most comfortable for you, the result of a steady, even line will be the same.

Haus Laboratories winged eyeliner

The verdict is in, and it's very good. I love how easy the process was, and how realistic the decals actually look. You can't tell it's a two-part application, or that you're wearing stickers, and you can get creative in applying the decals however you like. Perfect if you're going for a more dramatic look.

Haus Laboratories Eye Armor Winged Liner Kit
Haus Laboratories Eye Armor Kit $35.00
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Lottie London Stamp Liner

Lottie London eyeliner stamp

If adorable shapes such as stars, hearts, or crescent moons are your thing—these eyeliner stamps from Lottie London will become a staple in your makeup routine. Whether you feel like creating galaxy makeup looks or have a music festival to go to—or simply want to try something new—these stamps are the easiest to apply.

The added bonus? It's dual-sided: One end is a regular felt-tip liquid liner and the other is the shape of your choosing. Lottie offers several different shapes, so I chose the heart, star, and moon.

As you can see, they are extra in all the right ways. The process was extremely easy, I just took off the cap to the liner and stamped my face. No streaks or fuss. You can wear the stamps by themselves, or, apply the felt-tip liner to the lash-line for whatever look you're feeling.

Lottie London stamp liner duo
Lottie London Heart to Heart Stamp Liner Duo $7.00
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Kaja Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp & Pen

kaja wink stamp

This winged eyeliner kit from Kaja comes equipped with two pens—one is a winged eyeliner pen, and the other has two stamps with one on each side. The stamps are labeled "left" and "right" so you know which eye to use it on, literally paving the way for a stress-free experience.

First, I applied the wing stamp to my eye and it was incredibly easy. All I did was press it in an upward direction on my right eye, and the stamp left behind the perfect wing shape. I didn't even have to double-stamp it, as it left enough liner on the first try.

kaja wink stamp liner

After applying the stamp, I took the liquid liner pen and connected the line to the wing, filling it in on the lash-line. When wearing winged eyeliner looks, you can bring the liner all the way into the inner corner of the eyes, or you can stop in the middle, depending on your eye shape. I wanted to show you here that if you prefer to not take the liner all the way in, it will still look just as good. The final outcome? A beautifully applied winged liner look that took less than two minutes.

Kaja Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp & Pen
Kaja Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner Stamp & Pen $25.00

Need to see your eyes up close when applying liner? A well-lit mirror with a magnifying function can be a game-changer. This lighted makeup mirror from Riki Loves Riki ($195), not only has several light settings, but it also comes equipped with a 3x magnifying mirror attachment so you can ace every detail.

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3INA The Dot Pen Eyeliner

3INA dot stamp eyeliner

For my final eyeliner stamp test, I tried 3INA's eyeliner pen that comes equipped with the tiniest dot stamp. While applying, I learned that the dot size is perfect to help fill in any gaps between the lashes if you happen to find yourself wanting to create a tight-line that looks natural.

I proceeded to add tiny dots to the end of my top lash-line and found the whole process to be therapeutic, honestly. There's a myriad of looks you can create with tiny little dots, from placing them under the eyes or in the inner corner—the options are endless and fun.

dot eyeliner

Violà! Perfectly placed dots in seconds. I honestly could have kept going, as it quickly becomes addicting!

3INA dot pen eyeliner
3INA The Dot Pen Eyeliner $15.00

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