I Wore Customized Mascara for a Month, and My Lashes Will Never Be the Same

Here's a fact about me: Mascara is my favorite makeup product. It's the only thing that makes me look wide-awake and alert before 10 a.m. (well, aside from concealer, since my dark circles are much too bold for my liking). I'm clearly not a morning person. Waking up to a screeching alarm clock after hitting snooze six different times is difficult and tiring enough without also having to look the part. That's why I love—no crave—defined and fluffy lashes. They open up the appearance of my bleary eyes like nothing else.

In spite of my deep and eternal devotion to mascara, I'm extremely picky when it comes to the formula. Just any old lash-lengthening concoction won't do. Basically, I think of myself as a sommelier of mascara. A sommelier won't drink just any wine. He/she will choose something old, rich, and likely preceded by the word Château. Those standards don't necessarily apply to mascara (at all), but you catch my drift.

That's why I was so excited to hear about a new and completely customizable mascara from the British cosmetics brand, Eyeko. This novice and interactive process allows the customer to pick and choose which qualities are most important to them. Need a waterproof formula? Check. Lust after length over volume? Okay. You prefer a curved, lash-lifting brush over a traditional cone shape? Perfect. The point of the product is to create something customized and unique for each person who wears it.