Wait a Second—Apparently Eyebrow Wigs Are a Thing

Full disclaimer: My brows are my pride and joy. I like them bushy, brushed-up, and slick. I rarely get them threaded because of a brow horror story that haunts me. Before a big high school dance, my brow specialist was rushing and made them way too thin. My skinny brows made me cry my eyes out and nothing has been the same ever since.

So you can understand why my level of brow anxiety is on another level—I'll go in once every four to five months and get them "cleaned up a little" making sure to hold a mirror in one hand so that my threader doesn't go overboard. I do my brows every single day. Whether it's a rushed morning or not, I take my sweet time feathering them with a brow comb and filling in my sparse spots with Anastasia's Brow Wiz in Dark Brown ($21). I'll finish off by coating them with Anastasia's Clear Brow Gel ($20) for a nice sheen.

Maya Allen

Me before eyebrow wigs. 

Even though I love my eyebrows, it'd be nice to snap my fingers and be done with them every morning. So when I found out about Volition Mission Brows ($49), which are essentially eyebrow wigs, I was game to try them. Here's why: They're 100% human hair, and all you have to do is apply an adhesive and place them right on top of your eyebrows. They come in pairs with a natural arch. The micro-net underneath the human hair makes them easy to trim to the specific shape of your arch. 

The innovator behind Mission Brows Deanna Pai realized the importance of eyebrow wigs after undergoing chemotherapy and surviving cancer. She lost her eyebrows due to her condition. "I didn't realize just how important brows are to facial structure until they were gone," says Pai. "I looked unrecognizable without my eyebrows. I found that pencils, pomades, and gels looked really unnatural and obvious without any actual hair—which, in my opinion, was almost as bad as having no brows at all. So the Volition team and I wanted to find a way to give people undergoing cancer treatment or with alopecia an option for realistic, natural-looking eyebrows that are easy to apply. I think we succeeded in that with Mission Brows."

Brandy Hoffman, co-founder of Volition, echoes that sentiment, saying, "This product was created out of a very personal need that ended helping others."

One of Pai's tips is to map out the placement by holding the brow where you want it and lightly making a little dot, using an eyeliner pencil, just beneath the front, arch, and tail. "That way, you'll be able to glue it right the first time," she explains. I took her word for it, and before applying the adhesive on the back of the brows, I placed them on top of my arch to see how the shape compared to my natural arch. I trimmed the bend of the arch a little to fit mine. Then, I applied the adhesive and gently pressed them on top of my brows for about 30 seconds. I have jet black brows, and these come in light brown and dark brown shades. Because of my dark brows, I had to conceal the micro-net underneath the natural hairs more by applying Anastasia Brow Pomade in Chocolate ($34) on top.

Maya Allen

Me wearing eyebrow wigs. 

Final thoughts: This is a great alternative for women with over-plucked, barely there brows. They feel very comfortable, and the adhesive was easy to take off. My natural brows are extremely thick, so they were competing against these eyebrow replacements. However, if your brows aren't as thick, and you're looking to achieve that full, perfectly arched look, Mission Brows are for you.

Volition Beauty Eyebrow Replacement $49

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