Here's Why You Shouldn't Spend Hours Perfecting Your Eyebrows



I've spent countless hours glued to my bathroom mirror with the intention of perfecting my brows. But I can't get them to look completely symmetrical. Turns out, there's no need!

It's time to put down the tools and products and back away from the sink.

Brow expert Tonya Crooks explains, “I’ve shaped brows for over 16 years, and I’ve never met anyone who has perfectly symmetrical brows. I hate to say it, but no one’s brows will ever be 'identical.' This is due to several reasons, but many times it's because the muscle movement varies per brow. For example, some people can raise one brow but not the other. Our faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical on each side, so completely identical brows look artificial and forced.

But what should you do? Crooks continues: "I work to balance the brows and make them appear more symmetrical—kind of like a scale—slowly taking a little volume from one and adding a little to the other. Over time, you can create the illusion of balance. I always say, ‘Brows are sisters, not twins, but I like to dress them alike.’

"You need a great brow pencil and an enhancement serum! Finding a good pencil that is undetectable in the brows is vital, that way you can adjust the shape of your brows to look more symmetrical—this is your instant fix. Next, I always recommend to my clients that they try an enhancement product." Crooks has an amazing product that both stimulates the hair follicle and vibrates to allow the product to penetrate deeply into the skin (The Browgal Second Chance Brow Enhancement Serum, $95). It will thicken your brows so, eventually, less pencil is required to achieve your desired look.

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