I Tried the Viral Eyebrow Stamp That's Supposed to Give You Perfect Brows

As a self-proclaimed eyebrow enthusiast, I'll try just about any product that promises gorgeous, natural-looking brows. That being said, I'm not a person who's willing to spend more than a few minutes working on them. The product needs to be effective, of course, but also effortless in its execution. Enter Kiss's I-Envy Beautiful Brow Stamp ($9), a product that boasts a "mess-free, mistake-free application for an effortlessly flawless look." Essentially, it's a sponge and powder stamp—for your face. You're meant to press the brow-shaped sponge into the supplied powder, line it up with your brow bone, and stamp on color. If used correctly, it will turn an often 10 minute-long filling-in process into a few seconds.

But does it work? I decided to find out.

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