The Most Common Brow Shaping Mistakes Women Make

Brows—like boobs and bone structure—are something you’re born with. Unlike your cup size and cheekbones, though, you’re capable of totally changing the way your brows look on a daily basis. Thanks to a slew of savvy new products, we can easily sculpt and thicken our brows to whatever shape we desire (and that shape usually falls along the lines of anything Lily Collins–esque). However, we’re not all brow experts, which means there usually ends up being quite a lot of room for error. To shed some light on the parts in our eyebrow grooming routine that might need a refresh, we spoke with brow specialist and makeup artist Rachelle Blanco and asked her to give it to us straight. Ahead, you’ll find six of the most common brow shaping mistakes almost every woman is guilty of—keep scrolling to see!