Eyebrow Piercings Info and Care Guide

Updated 05/15/19

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An eyebrow piercing can be a placed anywhere along the brow line on either side. It can be vertical (the most common) or horizontal.

Brow piercings do have a habit of migrating if they're not pierced deeply enough or the jewelry is too thin or heavy. They can be irritated by eyebrow hairs, so plucking the hairs closest to the entry points of the jewelry can be very helpful, especially if you're experiencing swelling or tenderness in a healed piercing. Don't use waxes or any other hair removers while you're healing your piercing.

Recommended Starter Jewelry

A 16-12 gauge captive bead ring (CBR) or mini curved barbell is recommended for a new piercing. The soft tissue of the eyebrow swells quite a bit at first, so your piercer should pierce you initially with a larger piece of jewelry to accommodate that swelling. (CBRs are the most popular starter jewelry choice for this reason) Many shops include smaller replacement jewelry in the price of the initial piercing, so after about 6 weeks, you can have them change it out for you at no additional charge.

Make sure you understand exactly what you're getting when you get your piercing and what the shop's policies are.

Estimated Healing Time:

You can change your jewelry after about 6 weeks if you haven't had any issues with the piercing, but it won't be considered fully healed (inside and out) for about 3 months, so it's important you continue to treat it tenderly during that time.

Extra Facts

1. It doesn't matter which eyebrow you pierce. The location of the piercing does not indicate one sexual orientation over another. It's just personal preference.

2. Hairdressers have an uncanny knack for combing over brow piercings. It's a good idea to cover it with a bandage to protect it while having your hair done.

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