Watch: Our Editorial Director Gets Her Eyebrows Microbladed

The memory is clear as day. I'm 13 years old and suffering from a crush of the highest degree on a boy at my church. A group of us are sitting around a table when suddenly my biggest nightmare manifests in real life: Inexplicably, said crush looks across the table, makes eye contact, and points directly at me. "Whoa—you have no eyebrows!" he laughs.

Never mind the fact that I've known this kid for years, and he was uttering this like he'd never seen me before. Never mind the fact that even if he’d never seen me before, this is a wildly mortifying and potentially earth-shattering thing to say to an impressionable young girl. Sure, I eventually tucked this experience away into the folder of my brain marked "EMBARRASSING: DO NOT RUMINATE," but clearly the trauma remains—it was the first thing that sprung to mind as I sat down to write this post.

This is all just to say that I have very minimal eyebrows, and the lack of them is the bane of my existence.

Other than a short-lived period in college when I blithely left my brows bare (I had more important things to focus on, like which frat party to go to), I've regarded my brows—or lack thereof—with a potent mix of anxiety and care. Every morning for the past five years, I would painstakingly fill them in with my trusty The Brow Gal Skinny Eyebrow Pencil ($23) and cringe anytime anyone came near them, lest they smudge off and leave me looking like this.

When microblading first started getting buzz a year ago, I was intrigued. I immediately set up an appointment with a brow specialist in Los Angeles, but the appointment kept getting cancelled. Eventually, after the third reschedule, I gave up (out of exasperation, but also because I was too lazy to call again). It seemed like a sign from the universe: Microblading was not meant for me.

But a few weeks ago, the universe came back around. I got an offer to get my brows microbladed by Piret Aava, or @eyebrowdoctor, as she's known on Instagram. Part of the reason I gave up so easily with my first microblading attempt was because the brow expert didn’t have any photos of her work; I had the nagging fear I would leave her practice with thick, unnatural Sharpie brows. Piret's page, on the other hand, is a gold mine of mind-boggling brow before-afters; I scrolled for a full 10 minutes, marveling at the brow transformations and wondering if I, too, could be a part of bushy-brow crew.

So I did it. I booked the appointment, met with Piret, and got my brows microbladed. In just under an hour, I went from having zero brows to having soft, natural-looking arches. I felt reborn, like my brows had been baptized, and they would never again be the same (well, for the next year or two).