The One Place You're Forgetting to Highlight (That Makeup Artists Always Do)

We've been putting highlighter under, above, or around our eyebrows ever since we can remember. What we can't remember? Where and when we learned our signature technique. Which had us wondering: Are we even doing it right? And further, how do makeup artists who cater to some of the most brow-blessed celebs like Lucy Hale, Jennifer Connelly, Priyanka Chopra, and Ashley Graham approach eyebrow highlighter in a way that reads "come hither" versus "come help me"?

To satisfy our wonder, we reached out to four different celebrity makeup artists who cater to the gorgeous women above (and then some!) What we learned: There is some strategy involved. Fortunately, they had a font of helpful tips, tricks, and product recommendations to help us overhaul our outdated approach to eyebrow highlighter. Curious to see what they had to say? Keep reading for eight makeup artist–approved secrets to achieving your best brows yet.