These Are the Most Flattering Eye Shadow Shades for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are entrancing; brown melds with green, which is brightened with gold. The colors swirl together until they each become distinct in certain lighting. Take it from makeup artist Suzy Gerstein: "Hazel eyes are fun eyes to do makeup on because they are complex—they can appear to change color much like a mood ring, and you can play with which hues you enhance based on the makeup tones you choose."

To help you choose the right tones, we assembled a master list of the best makeup products to complement and accentuate the color-shifting warmth of hazel eyes. Some are products that we personally love, while others are favorites from celebrity makeup artists—Gerstein, along with fellow Honey Artist Azra Red and Kristine Cruz, the senior makeup artist at Antonio Prieto Salon in NYC. Below, take a look at the product suggestions that are sure to up the wattage of your gaze.