The 20-Second Makeup Trick Every Thin-Haired Girl Needs

When you see a celebrity with impossibly full-looking hair, you can rest assured those thick manes are not solely God-given. The secrets out as far as extensions and strategic cuts and color are concerned, but there’s more in that bag of tricks… and it doesn’t require a single pricey hair appointment. Insert sigh of relief, here! All you need is eye shadow. With a touch of well-placed shadow, you can redefine an uneven hairline, disguise spots that appear to be thinning out (e.g., where your part is), and make your hair look much thicker.

Sometimes when we are experiencing thinning hair, or might have areas where it appears to be more sparse than others, knowing what to do can be confusing, as all the areas need are tiny tweaks to help the hair appear more full. This is where the precise application of eyeshadow comes in. All you need is a tiny bit and the perfect brush to get the application just right.

Check out the instructions below on how to fill in your hairline, and click play on the video above to see how it can be done as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Raid your eye shadow stash to find a matte shade that matches the color of your roots, only a shade or two lighter. Your contour powder or even bronzing product may work, too, as long as the finish is matte.
  2. Using the shadow and a small blush or contour brush, lightly fill in any sparse or uneven sections of your hairline. Be careful to start in your hair, not on your skin, to avoid looking like you have makeup lining your face. By starting in the actual hair, everything appears more natural looking. Remember: You can always add more eyeshadow as you go. Karmela Lozina, Senior Sylist at John Sahag Workshop says, "The key is to really mimic your own natural hairline pattern and color. The slower you go filling in your areas of concern, the more it will look like you're not wearing anything." If you need more control, use a short, flat eye shadow brush (like this Double Ended Classic Precision Power Shadow Brush, $16 from Sephora). It allows for a precise application—perfect for filling in your part.
  3. And that’s it—a re-sculpted hairline and thicker-looking tresses in a matter of seconds, what's not to love?

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Credits: Model: Bruno Bueno, Hair: Caeleb Michael, Makeup: Sophie Haig, Videographer: Mitch Lemos, Producer: CMG Studios.

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