Got 30 Minutes? Master These 3 Important Eye Makeup Skills

Free time—ever heard of the term? It’s when you have absolutely nothing to do. Crazy thought, we know. Time is money, and these days we can’t help but feel that our accounts are constantly hovering near zero. Thus, when we do find ourselves with a pocket of blithe free time, however short it may be, we want to make sure we’re making the most of it. Read: preferably not splayed out on our couches, scrolling through our never-ending social media feeds. Though there is a time and place for lazy indulgence (i.e. hungover mornings), the next time you find yourself with 30 minutes to spare, why not do something productive and brush up on your eye makeup skills?

To help us determine exactly what the most important skills are, as well as exactly how to carry out each one, we called upon celebrity makeup artist Toby Fleischman. With clients like Ruby Rose, Chrissy Teigen, and Erin Heatherton, Fleischman is clearly an expert at her craft—and we couldn’t wait to hear her tips.

Got 30 minutes? Keep scrolling for three eye makeup skills you should definitely master.